Jacksonville Landing (Updated)

Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. Photo by Michael Rivera.

Local Jacksonville, Florida News4Jax is reporting a mass shooting has occurred @ Jacksonville Landing. 

Jacksonville Police department issued this tweet

Early reports are that four people have dead, and between ten and eleven have been injured and taken to local hospitals, but confirmation has not been provided by authorities at this time. 

The Shooting seems to have taken place during a Madden football video game tournament

Jax Sheriffs Office has issued several new tweets 

The urge anyone hiding to call 9-1-1 so they can send police to their location. 

Update #1

Sheriff Mike Williams tells reporters, the suspect deceased was a white male. He said there are “deceased on the scene,” and “injured at the hospital,” but a count would not be offered today, or during that brief update. 

Local news state News4Jax is reporting that the injured have been taken to, “Memorial Hospital and University of Florida Health Medical Center” the suffered “wounds to the chest, torso, ankles and wrists, according to doctors.” 

Doctor Marie Crandell from UF Health told News4Jax, that she received, “six patients,” they range from, “20-35,” years of age, she also told the news outlet, that, “Some of the victims will be released tonight. At least one will stay for surgery. They had gunshot wounds to the chest. They will need additional treatment and monitoring of the heart.” 

Update #2

Sheriff Mike Williams offered an update via a Press conference. Williams says the incident occurred at Chicago Pizza @  1:34 p.m. 9-1-1 calls came in reporting the shooting at the Madden 19 video game tournament. 
There are three deceased including the suspect, who took his own life, has been tentatively identified pending confirmation as 24 year-old David Katz from Baltimore, Maryland. The FBI is helping local authorities to confirm the identity of the shooter.   

9 victims have been transported to the hospital seven had gunshot wounds. Two additional gunshot wound victims self-transported to an area hospital. Williams say all gunshot victims are reported in stable condition.   
He goes on to ask if anyone has video footage of the event to please contact the authorities. 

Other people spoke at the press conference, including the Mayor, but most just stressed for anyone with information to please come forward.

He took questions, but declined to answer most, beyond, that it appears the shooter was involved with the gaming tournament, but no confirmation as to who the victims are. 

Full Presser is 11 minutes long. 

This is a breaking news story and will be updated when information is made available 

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