Michael Cohen Subpoenaed in New York Trump Foundation Inquiry

After pleading guilty to federal charges of campaign-finance violations, among other charges, on Tuesday, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal legal counsel and ‘fixer,’ was served with a New York state subpoena The Associated Press confirmed with an official from the office of Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday.

“We can confirm that a subpoena has been issued to Michael Cohen for relevant information in light of the public disclosures made yesterday,” said James Gazzale, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Taxation and Finance.

In June, CNBC reported New York’s Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed suit against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump alleging over a decade of “a pattern of persistent illegal conduct” and saying the Trump Foundation “engaged in extensive political coordination with the Trump campaign.” Along with seeking dissolution of the Foundation, Underwood is seeking to fine the Trumps $2.8 million in restitution.

President Trump took to his phone to furiously respond saying, “I won’t settle this case!” – adding in a bizarre reference that the case had ‘lingered for 2 years’ in the state’s Attorney General’s office implying he knew about the inquiry – while taking a swipe at the former NY AG Eric Schneiderman.

A spokeswoman for the state’s AG office replied, saying, “As our lawsuit against the Trump Foundation illustrates, we will hold Donald Trump and his associates accountable for violations of state law,” CNBC goes on the report, adding that they will “seek a criminal referral from the appropriate state agency as necessary.

CNBC reported on Wednesday Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, has said, “Trump himself ‘directed’ Cohen ‘to commit a crime’ and that his client has indicated he has “information of interest” is willing to cooperate with state and federal prosecutors, “including special counsel Robert Mueller.”

The AP reported Underwood’s suit alleges Trump “illegally tapped his Trump Foundation to settle legal disputes, help his campaign for president and pay for personal and business expenses, including spending $10,000 on a 6-foot port (1.8 meter) portrait of himself.”

Underwood’s office declined to comment further on the new subpoena, only saying, “We cannot comment on potential or ongoing investigations,” but did note that before they could pursue criminal charges the governor’s office would have to refer its tax department investigation to it [the Attorney General’s office] first.

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