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Trump Tweet 8/20/18 7:28 a.m. “Councel”
Trump Tweet 8/20/18 7:38 a.m.

The News Blender/The News Blender 

Sunday President Trump responded to The New York Times article via tweet, explaining that he “allowed,” White House counsel Don McGahn to be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team as was reported by The New York Times via The News Blender, the “30 hours,” of questioning was spread out over nine months. It was also reported on Tuesday that President Trump’s lawyers aren’t entirely sure what McGahn told the special counsel investigators. 

Trump Tweet 8/20/18 7:48 a.m. 

Opinion — Typically when one is being investigated for a crime any crime, the legal standard, is to stay silent while the investigation plays out, so your public statements can’t be used against you. Public statements are for example, interviews, print, radio, and TV, press conferences, and social media posts. 

Trump Tweet 8/20/18 10:13 a.m. 

The News Blender

Former CIA director John Brennan had his security clearance revoked by President Trump via Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on Sunday Brennan appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press hosted by Chuck Todd, during his interview Brennan explained that he has been “contacted by a number of lawyers,” that have expressed their “thoughts,” on how to prevent this happening in the future to others for purely political reasons. In the hopes of preventing “President Trump from abusing his power again,” Brennan told Chuck Todd, he’d be “willing to go to court.” 

Trump Tweet 8/20/18 10:23 a.m.

Former CIA deputy director of the Counter-terrorist Center, Philip Mudd told President Trump supporter Paris Dennard, that he makes zero dollars from the government or in the private sector in regards to his security clearance. The two exchanged heated words on Friday during a segment on CNN. (warning Phil Mudd does cuss in the clip) 

Trump Tweet 8/20/18 10:36 a.m. 
Trump Tweet 8/20/18 10:46 a.m. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was nominated by President Trump for the position he currently holds and confirmed by a vote of 52-47 by the senate on February 8th 2017. 

As a reminder President Trump has not divested himself from his business interests, nor has he publicly released his tax returns. 

The Baltimore Sun

In March of 2018 a federal judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by Maryland’s attorney general, that alleges President Trump “violated a constitutional prohibition on accepting foreign gifts,” could go forward as the Sun notes, it’s “the first time an “emoluments,” case against the president has cleared that hurled.” 

Trump Tweet 8/20/18 1:14 p.m. 

Congress Gov 

H.R. 1057 or the STOP act of 2017 would amend the “tariff act,” of 1930 to summarize: 

The Postmaster General:

  • shall be liable for civil penalties for postal shipment violations committed by a foreign postal operator or the USPS;
  • may be directly or indirectly responsible for discrepancies resulting from omissions made or false information provided by a foreign postal operator or the USPS; and
  • shall ensure that all costs and penalties associated with complying with this bill are recouped from foreign shippers, foreign postal operators, or U.S. ultimate consignees.

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  1. Ya know, if Trump was truly innocent, he would have an air of confidence about him, and wouldnt be Tweeting about it defensively every single day. The fact that he keeps going on and on about it signifies to me that he did something nefarious.

  2. Just reading these few Trump tweets irritates the hell out of me. I suggest we take up a collection to help Tiff alleviate her obviously excessive medical bills in dealing with all the Trump tweets every single day.

    Her Tylenol bill alone must run into the thousands.

  3. I’m guessing he has figured out he and his kids crime spree is up with the Don McGahn revelations.

    As much as I want Donald and the Trump name disgraced for all time, nothing would put a smile on my face like seeing Don Jr arrested. I bet he cries like a stuck pig.

  4. I don’t know why, but Trump’s attempts to correctly spell ‘counsel’ just make me chuckle. I can only imagine that his staff gives him a multiple choice quiz every morning to see if he can learn. Alas, he’s being held back a grade once again.

    Question #1: How do you spell counsel?
    (hint: it’s already spelled correctly here)

    1) counsel,
    2) councel,
    3) council,
    4) none of the above.

    Trump: counts all?

    Edit: Trump is actually getting me to misspell it, I have seen the wrong one so many times.


  5. Trump has attacked every high ranking official, and even some low ranking official in the CIA, FBI and DOJ. Some are Republicans, some are Democrats. Who knew that Republicans and Democrats got along so well, in the government, that they all were the enemies of Trump.

  6. Shouldn’t we at least have a IG report, on what Ohr was suppose to have done, before we start screaming for him to be fired. Evidence, or is that to much to ask.

  7. Advancing dementia:

    “President Donald Trump on Monday spoke at a White House event in support of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs of Border Protection, two agencies housed within the Department of Homeland Security charged with immigration law enforcement and border security, respectively.

    In a strange turn, Trump repeatedly referred to CBP as “CBC.” Was he referring to the Congressional Black Caucus? The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation? Who knows.“

  8. RE: Trump’s threats about discovery…

    “Moss also addressed Trump’s tweet, saying that the president and his
    legal counsel would never see Brennan’s correspondence such as emails or
    text messages and that Trump and his lawyers are “candidly, living on
    another planet if they realistically think that’s how such a lawsuit
    would unfold.”

    “The litigation would be resolved strictly with motions, whether a
    motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment,” Moss said. “Neither
    side would ever get to the discovery process and even if in some
    bizarre world it did get that far the emails and text messages the
    president is referring to would be completely outside the scope of what
    would be relevant material.”

  9. The moron in chief thinks a WH counsel needs his permission to cooperate with a government investigation?

    Hint.. a WH counsel is a legal advisor… not a personal attorney. Does the stupid ever stop going on display?

  10. This is a dangerous and unfit POTUS and that was clear to me in 2015. It only gets worse. Resist? You better believe it!

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