Open Letter To A Talk Show Host : Liberal Tears

The Penwith Radio studios. Photo by M4th5.

I know you, or at least I know your public persona.  I listened to you for years, I saw you on television, I read your books.  And I watched you change.

You continue to speak about the Constitution, about Country, about the America I love.  You wrap yourself in so much patriotism that you virtually leave a little glittering red, white and blue flag contrail wherever you go.

Now there’s another thing you talk about, though.  Liberal tears.  Oh, and their heads exploding – that’s another one, always good for a laugh.  Righteous indignation at the ready.  After all, the liberals are responsible for so many of the terrible things in this country.  They gave us Obamacare; but before that they pushed through Kennedy’s reforms on health care that started the price inflation in the first place.  They spend us into oblivion.  They say they love the military and law enforcement but will show their true colors and attack them as soon as it becomes profitable for them to do so.

You still talk about morality, too.  You talk about it a lot.  Sometimes it even mixes in with that discussion of liberal tears.  Bring out abortion, bring out the Masterpiece Cakeshop, hell, let’s haul out Tim Tebow again.  And then let’s start counting those liberal tears.

Or, wait, let’s not bring up Tim Tebow.  He disrespected The Donald, after all, refusing to speak for him at the RNC.  The man who was once a poster child of wonderfulness for you is now on the reviled list, at least until such time as he amends his ways and gets his thinking straight.

Hell, you intimate he’s a liberal himself, now.  He hasn’t changed a single position, but he’s a liberal because he didn’t love President Trump.  Never mind that every single criticism of Liberals listed above – spending, Trumpcare, attacking military and law enforcement – defines the President too.  Tebow stepped away from the team and must be abandoned.  No, punished.  Because we need liberal tears.

You still wear your morality on your sleeve.  Stop it.  You excuse any offense at the altar of liberal tears.  The President sleeping around on his pregnant wife?  Liberal tears.  Siding with a murderous Putin over allies and our intelligence services?  Liberal tears.  The admission in open court that there was no plan to re-unite not just children separated from hardened criminals at the borders but also those seized – stolen – from the true asylum seekers?  Liberal tears.

What is your limit?  If I’d asked you two years ago if you would support children being stolen, never to be returned to their parents, you’d have told me that I was insane for even asking the question.  Now you cheer it on over liberal tears.  Sometimes you’ll pretend to having concerns and revert to “but judges”, but give it a few days and you revert to laughing about the tears and the exploding heads.

Delight in the pain of an enemy is a terrible basis for ethics.  That sort of thing leads to atrocities.

People talk about Trump shooting someone on the street.  Forget that for a moment.  Let me posit this:

If someone in the Trump circle were found to have set ablaze – on orders of the President – the home of a political opponent at 3 AM as their family slept; if the firemen brought out a trio of charred toddler bodies that never got to reach their fifth birthdays, would you condemn the President?  Or would you spin it for your audience, and maybe even privately chortle about liberal tears as the bereaved grandparents broke down at the grave site?

You would tell me I’m insane for even asking the question.  I’m not.  I’m watching what happens to a good man – or at least a good persona – when they abandon their morality, their philosophy and their religion.  And I honestly don’t know what you would do.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about the “liberal tears” and “exploding heads” a lot. I think most of the arguments presented now are more for reinforcing the faithful and annoying the infidel than convincing anyone of anything.

  2. Great piece. I have issue with one thing: ” I’m watching what happens to a good man – or at least a good persona – when they abandon their morality, their philosophy and their religion.”

    I question the goodness. I think it was all an act from the start. They told us what we wanted to hear, now they’re doing that with another marketing niche. No, there wasn’t any goodness, just the all mighty $.

  3. As I type this, I am listening to Limbaugh justify revoking Brennan’s security clearance and telling me how evil the NYT is. Cut to a commercial, which is Hannity selling a weight loss plan.

  4. Can really relate to this article because of my situation. The only constant I have found from the trump crowd and i am surrounded by them and had many a heated exchange with them is the fact that it pisses the liberals off. Yes liberal tears and that’s enough. During many of those heated exchanges when they run out of any kind credible defense for trump they’ve actually blurted this out.

  5. So many of these radio show hosts lost their minds during the Obama administration. they can’t see straight and are following a morally degenerate man down the wrong pathway. Conservatism is now tied to Trump so when he goes down the liberals won’t be crying bitter tears. They will be cackling with laughter.

  6. It’s not the liberal tears that the Trump supporter need to worry about. It’s the Republicans and Independents, who are standing back, and asking, who the hell are these Trump supporters, that can’t read the writing on the wall.

  7. I have a friend on Facebook, one whom I have known for many years. This is a good man at heart – a Conservative and a Christian man. We fought side by side politically against the left and their agenda. But since Trump, I have seen a change in this man, sadly.

    There is now a hatred for the left – a sheer hatred. A bitter and very angry vitriol. It’s as if everyone on the left should be taken out on 5th Avenue and shot on sight. Seriously. Forget that 50% of the country is to the left of him. Forget that everyone who is liberal is not radically progressive. Forget that having an opposing viewpoint makes for vibrant and engaging discussions.

    No. All that matters is they oppose Trump. Should people on the right also oppose Trump, then they are also in that hated category of evil leftists. I’m reminded of the Salem Witch trials. You could say the Rigged Witch Hunt. Because it’s not Mueller who is hunting witches, but Trump’s supporters who deem anyone who disagrees with them the witch.

  8. I challenge all these talk show hosts to explain to me how liberal tears have helped all the Trump voters who are living in economically distressed counties across Appalachia, where things are not improving in 2018. . Or those living in areas with sky high death rates due to drug overdoses, a record 72,000 deaths in 2017. Are these hosts aware that bills to assist in fighting the opioid abuse crisis, which passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, will not even be considered by the Senate? It is feared that passing such legislation might help the reelection campaigns of several red state Democrats. Talk about screwed uped priorities.

    Check out the maps in these articles. They show real tears being shed in the heart of Trump country.

  9. If you really believe in what Alien has written it’s imperative to let the people who are falling for this liberal tears crap read this too, because really, it’s for them. We already know this stuff, but they need to read it. So to that I say click one of the social media buttons above that apply to your site of choice and share this with the people you know.

  10. One thing the current climate has done has disabused me of the foolish notion of making heroes out of mere mortals. I bought the books, I burned the books, too embarrassed to even donate them to a thrift store.

    I used to point to those rising conservatives and tell my children, “See, the right can argue reasonably and rationally for conservative values.” But my children also learned to think independently and to question. They are not so easily enamored of anyone with “star status.” It gives me hope for the next generation.

  11. As a Gators fan, I’d be pretty interested in knowing which of these hucksters it was dragging Tebow’s name through the mud. Or which *ones*, I guess, seeing as they all tend to parrot the same talking points.

  12. My fav line:

    “You wrap yourself in so much patriotism that you virtually leave a little glittering red, white and blue flag contrail wherever you go.”

  13. They’d do worse than spin it, they’d accuse them of being paid actors and then harass them with death threats and dox them because that is just how sick in the head they really are.

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