Rudy: Things Have Turned In Trump’s Favor

Beth had this story in her notes tonight, but I thought it could use it’s own post as well, because it’s just so…I don’t know…”Trumpy”?

Rudy Giuliani, spoke today from a golf course in Scotland (owned by Trump), during an interview with Sky News.

Rudy, wearing a Trump hat (of course he was), was asked if Trump’s impeachment was inevitable after the latest convictions and revelations.  His answers are fascinating.

Giuliani replied, “Hardly,” and went on to say things have, in fact, “turned very much in the President’s favor.””I think it’s inevitable that he won’t” be impeached, Giuliani said. “President Trump is completely cleared. You have this Cohen guy, he doesn’t know anything about Russian collusion, doesn’t know anything about obstruction.”


I still think that Trump’s strategy, if things go really, really bad for him, will be to claim that his representation was insane. “Not guilty by reason of insanity of both the defendant and his attorney.”

Rudy also claimed that if Trump was impeached that the American people would revolt. Sure, Rudy, because Trump is loved so much.

Here’s the video from CNN…watch it, it’s fun!

“Truth isn’t truth.”

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