The Department of Fair Media

The media is FAKE NEWS, Google is rigged against conservative news, Twitter is shadow-banning conservatives, Facebook is filtering conservative voices.

Not fair!

President Trump tells us that the FAKE NEWS media, of which he has stated 80% are “the enemy of the people”, may need to be regulated.

“Enemy of the people”. He repeats it over and over to where he has most of his supporters (aka Republicans) believing it. We’ve seen the mobs at his rallies screaming at the media. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed. I mean, if they really are the “enemy of the people” how much further is it to decide we need to fight back, physically, with the enemy? If you think that’s far-fetched, we have just learned that the FBI arrested a guy for this very thing. 

For that matter, if they really are the “enemy of the people”, why would it be crazy to think that Trump may soon use the power of the government to just shut them down, by force if necessary. That’s what you do to “enemies of the people”, isn’t it? Don’t believe that could happen? Think again.

Personally, I could make a strong case that the guy should be impeached for that alone, but I won’t get into that here because it isn’t really the point of this article.

Now, the President of the United States is attacking Google.

First, it’s obvious that he has no idea how Google works. But that doesn’t matter…somebody told him that it wasn’t being fair to him and he just ran with it. Anything that he can put out to his followers that makes it appear that “they” are out to get him, and by extension, out to get all of his followers as well.

Sowing discord, inciting outrage, stoking the flames of division and hate. That’s what it’s all about for Trump.

Search results are based on a lot of different factors. Popularity of the website, keywords used, user search history, and on and on. The idea that certain websites are being blocked based on any of the millions of combinations of keywords is absurd. But even if they did make a conscious effort to block sites that they don’t agree with, so what? As a private business, do they not have the right to? Do they lose that right simply because they are the most successful at what they do? Trump sure seems to think so, as they are now batting around ideas about regulating it somehow.

The same situation applies for Facebook and Twitter.

And his followers cheer him on. “Yeah! Not fair! Something needs to be done!”

So “conservatives” are now good with government regulating “fairness” in the media?

Let’s just take a minute to consider that.

How would this be done?

Would we have some new government agency (The Department of Fair Media) created to handle the determination of what media is “left-wing” and what is “conservative” so that when results come up in a search, it’s split 50/50 to be “fair”?

Would the “Department of Fair Media” need to analyze each news story and grade it positive or negative to Trump (or whoever is the current President) and then make sure the search results are equally presented?

Can not everyone with any lick of sense see how ludicrous it is to pretend that the government should make such determinations?

And where would it end?

What about sites like The Drudge Report? Heck, Drudge pretty much has a monopoly on “News Aggregator” sites. Why should we not require that these types of sites be “fair” in what they are displaying just as we believe Google should be?

What about all political websites? Should TheNewsBlender be required to provide an equal number of positive and negative Trump stories? Why not?

What about talk radio? Cable News?

Isn’t this no different than the Fairness Doctrine that conservatives used to absolutely hammer the Democrats for advocating?

Sounds like a great idea to have the government determine the content of all of it. Maybe we should just look into having the government take over all of it. Nationalize all media!

Honestly, what insanity is this?

Conservatives had better snap out of this blasted Trump Trance and pull their heads out of Trump’s ass soon…everyday they delay, more damage to the conservative cause occurs.

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