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Russian Hackers 

The Hill — Rep Tom Garrett (R-VA) appeared on CNN’s Newsroom on Saturday and explained that he was told “Russian hackers,” played a role in, “fomenting the flames of what happened in Charlottesville.” He explained he received that information two months ago during a closed session briefing, Garrett is a member of the House Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs committees. He told CNN he obtained the information from FBI director Chris Wray.   

Good Luck! 

Washington Post — Meet 14 year old Ethan Sonneborn from Vermont who is legally running for Governor of his home state, even though he can’t legally vote for himself, or anyone really…

Pizza — New York or Chicago, I don’t care, do you? It’s Pizza….Yum….

Chicago Tribune — Chicago resident a pizza memorabilia collector Kendall Burns is set to open a Pizza Museum in Chicago, New Yorkers expressed unhappiness on Twitter 

an example 

Chicago Tribune writer, Nick Kindelsperger, explains, Burns, is not part of some council of, “pizza luminaries,” he is just a guy that collected a bunch of pizza stuff and has decided to open a museum in his hometown of Chicago so other pizza fans can enjoy his collection. 

Sneak Peek Trump Tweets 

Trump Tweet 8/11/18 11:59 a.m. 

The New York Times — In an article covering the “pre-eminent,” motorcylce riders event from Sturgis, South Dakota, A New York Times writer Alan Rappeport spoke with several bikers angry over Harley-Davidson’s decision to move some motorcycle production overseas in light of the tariffs. Among the many bikers was Chris Cox, founder of Bikers For Trump group, “that has organized demonstrations for,” President Trump since he was a candidate. Cox also furious with Harley Davidson’s decision told The Times, “We’re not going to sit back on a hope and a promise that they’re going to do the right thing.” He went on to explain that he use to sell American-made shirts, but they proved a hard sell, now his T-shirts he sells for $20 dollars outside his RV, are made in Haiti, ““If I get a T-shirt made in the U.S.A., it’s going to cost about $8 more. I looked far and wide to try to get a shirt made in America, it’s just they get you, they gouge you.”

Bonus Note: For your viewing pleasure…

I present a video made by our very own Micheline….that gives a nod to Marvels and jabs at President Trump…Enjoy! 

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