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NewsChannel 6  –  In Georgia, former congressional candidate Kellie Collins was arrested on charges for murdering her campaign treasurer and grand larceny. Collins turned herself in last Friday to police in Aiken County, GA, the same day they found Curtis Cain’s body in his apartment, dead from a gunshot wound.

When Cain failed to show up to work on that previous Tuesday a co-worker reported him missing and police responded to a ‘wellness check’ to Cain’s known residence where they found Cain’s body. According to the coroner’s report it is suspected Cain was shot the Saturday before and had been dead for four days. His blue Subaru Legacy was missing.

Collins, who dropped out of her run for Congress, in an interview with an online blog, said she planned to “practice what I preach” as she ran on a platform as an advocate for gun regulation saying we “need to shield the community from the effects of firearms falling into the wrong hands.”

NYT –  4 States are having their primaries today: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Vermont. The NYT’s gives a look at races to watch within those states.

In Minnesota, Democratic candidates are vying for Keith Ellison’s 5th district seat, considered a ‘safe’ win for the Democratic party in November since Ellison decided not to seeks a 7th term in Congress, but instead run for the office for Minnesota’s Attorney General.

It is not known if the recent allegations  of abuse by Ellison will have an effect on Ellison’s candidacy at this point.

NPR – State Delegate Ben Cline (R) who faces Democratic challenger Jennifer Lewis are both vying for US Rep Bob Goodlatte (VA -R) who is the House Judiciary Chairman and is not seeking re-election. The race made news when over the weekend, Goodlatte’s son, Bobby Goodlatte took to his social media Twitter account endorse Lewis.

Family. What are you going to do? 

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