Vice President Pence: Space Force

President Trump has made it clear that he would like a new branch of the armed forces, this new branch would be “Space Force,” as was reported at The News Blender in June. 

On Thursday Vice President Mike Pence detailed the plans for a Space Force to be established by 2020. 

The Washington Post — In a speech at the Pentagon, Vice President Pence gave the details of the plan to create a new “combatant command,” called U.S. Space Command, this command would have, “dedicated resources and be tasked with defending space,” in the similar way that the “Pentagon’s Pacific Command oversees the ocean.” 

Vice President Pence warned during the speech of the “advancements that potential adversaries were making,” he stated, “Just as we’ve done in ages past, the United States meet the emerging threats on this new battlefield. The time has come to establish the United States Space Force.”

During his speech he said that the Defense Department will release a report on Thursday that is the first step toward building the 6th branch of the Military, which would be the “Space Force.” 

If it is allowed to be created it will be the first new branch established to U.S.  Armed Services since 1947 when the Air Force was established. 

CNBC — Lists the four components to the Department of Defense establishing a Space Force 

First, DoD will establish a Space Development Agency to develop and field space capabilities at speed and scale. The Air Force has already begun to transform its Space and Missile Center (SMC). The Department will accelerate and extend this transformation to all services by creating a joint Space Development Agency.
Second, the Department will develop the Space Operations Force to support the Combatant Commands. These joint space warfighters will provide space expertise to combatant commanders and the Space Development Agency, and surge expertise in time of crisis to ensure that space capabilities are leveraged effectively in conflict.
Third, the Department will create the governance, services, and support functions of the Space Force. Many of these will require changes to U.S. law. The Department will build a legislative proposal for Congressional consideration as a part of the Fiscal Year 2020 budget cycle.
Fourth, the Department will create a U.S. Space Command, led by a four star general or flag officer, to lead the use of space assets in warfighting and accelerate integration of space capabilities into other warfighting forces. U.S. Space Command will be responsible for directing the employment of the Space Force.

From the linked CNBC article 

President Trump approves 

Trump Tweet 8/9/18

Wonder if he approves enough to cancel the costly military parade? 

Why This Matters (opinion)

Aside from the treaties, the very real documents we as the United States have signed that disallow turning space into a combat zone, the cost of adding this branch at a time, when our deficit is already sky high, no pun intend, okay, maybe it was a little intended, but the point stands, we are spending money like we will never run out, but as has been said many many times, at some point, we really will run out of others peoples money. 

Authors note: The tweet is Vice President Pence’s full speech hitting play removes the test pattern from the video. 

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