Wednesday and Thursday Trump Tweets

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This is President Trump’s second campaign rally event this week, the first was on Tuesday July 31st.

CNBC — ADP and Moody’s Analytics said on Wednesday that private payrolls in the U.S. increased more than expected this month. ADP Research Institute vice president and co-head Ahu Yildirmaz said, “The labor market is on a roll with no signs of a slowdown in sight. Nearly every industry posted strong gains and small business hiring picked up.” Economist of Moody’s Analytics, Mark Zandi, said in a statement, “The job market is booming, impacted by the deficit-financed tax cuts and increases in government spending. Tariffs have yet to materially impact jobs, but the multinational companies shed jobs last month, signaling the threat.”

The News Blender — Editorial thoughts on the return of the remains from North Korea. Many news outlets are reporting it could take months to years to identify the remains.


The News Blender — Charles Koch and President Trump “feud” over tariffs.

The Hill — The hosts of Morning Joe responded to President Trump’s tweets. Joe Scarborough said, “If it’s true nobody is watching us anymore, we do know based on your staff members that we have at least one viewer every morning, and we thank you, Donald.” He added he is concerned about the President, “We can always count on you. How are you doing? Get some sleep. Get some sleep. We’re sad for you. He’s not doing well.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said the tweeting in general make it seem like the President is afraid, “his tweets indicate that he’s very afraid, tweeting all night long, tweeting about morning shows. I mean, this is unhinged behavior and someone who keeps tweeting about this investigation as if he could push it away with I don’t know, trying to manipulate the press.”

Rasmussen — Daily Tracking poll for President Trump job approval. For Thursday showed, Strongly approve @ 35 percent Strongly disapprove @ 41 percent. His approval/disapproval numbers are @ 50 percent approve and 49 percent disapproval.

The method used:  Landline is 500 nightly calls over a three day average. They also use an online survey which consists 1500 people, the margin of error for the landline calls and online survey is +/- 2.5 percent.

The News Blender — President Trump held a rally on Thursday & carried a live stream of the event.

President Trump will hold a rally on Saturday it will be his third rally in the past week, the first was on Tuesday, the second, was on Thursday.

The News Blender — President Trump told radio show host Sean Hannity he plans to campaign for his fellow republicans about six or seven days  a week, about sixty days before mid-term elections.

The News Blender — First daughter and President Trump adviser was asked if she believed the press was the enemy of the people “like her father,” she said, “no I do not think that.”

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