Cody Wilson Accused of Sexual Assault

Portrait of Cody Wilson in Austin, Texas in 2012. Photo by Cody Wilson.

On Wednesday the man behind the hotly debated 3D-printed gun company, Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson aged thirty, has been accused of sexual assault on a minor according to local Austin affiliate KVUE (ABC) and local Fox News Channel 7

KVUE citing police documents reported that on August 27th, “during a forensic interview with the Center with Child Protection,” the accuser who is not named, but said to be under the age of seventeen, told counselors she and Wilson met online @ the website, “SugarDaddyMeet-com,” Wilson went by the user name “Sanjruo,” according to the victim he later identified himself as Cody Wilson, telling her, he was a “big deal.” 

Police say the pair exchanged phone numbers and continued to converse using, “Apple iMessage service.”

According to both outlets citing court documents the victim told police that she and Wilson met in person on August 15th at a coffee shop, Wilson was spotted driving a “2015 Black Ford Edge,” that police say is registered to “Defense Distributed.” 

From the coffee shop the pair reportedly drove to a hotel where police say both Wilson and the victim were captured on video surveillance cameras, using the valet service, in the lobby, and departing the elevator on the 7th floor. According to the victim Wilson took her to room 718 where the alleged assault took place. She says afterward Wilson paid her $500.

KVUE reported that during a press conference police said Wilson’s last known location was “Taipei Taiwan,” according to officials prior to Wilson’s trip aboard, a friend of the victim told Wilson that the victim was speaking to the police. During the same press conference Austin Police said Wilson had missed his scheduled flight back to the U.S.. Officials are now said to be “working with national and international law enforcement to locate him.”   

Vice News has a copy of the Affidavit for Arrest Warrant that was filed in Travis County on September 19th, 2018. 

According to Vice News, Wilson and his attorney did not respond to their request for comment.

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