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With game one in the books for the 2018-2019 season you maybe wondering what to expect from your teams going forward. Thursday was the Atlanta Falcons vs. last years Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Each team started out a little flat finishing the first half 6 to 3. The second half was a more prolific half for the Eagles, out scoring the Falcons 15 to 6. With a final score of 12 to 18, the Champs start this season 1-0. 

Philadelphia’s QB Nick Foles and last years Super Bowl MVP went 19-34 for 117 yards and 1 INT, according to ESPN. Eagles RB, Jay Ajayi rushed 15 time for 62 yds and 2 TD’s according to ESPN in this win over the Falcons.

Notable player in this game for Atlanta was Julio Jones WR (11). While Julio amassed 10 catches for 168 yards a Red Zone connection between himself and QB Matt Ryan is still a mess according to, Matt Ryan QB, went 21-43 for 251 yds and 1 INT in this loss to the Eagles, ESPN reports.

ESPN Stats & Info tweeted that Matt Ryan is 1-20 in TD targets going back 2 seasons to Julio Jones.

Other News

According to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Corner Back Brent Grimes is out with a groin injury in this weeks contest vs the New Orleans Saints. 

Seattle Seahawks activate Earl Thomas Corner Back for this weekends game against the Denver Broncos after his holdout this offseason. Thomas will start in place of Dontae Johnson who is out with a hip injury.

Greg Olson Tight End with the Carolina Panthers is questionable with a back injury in this weeks game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Joey Bosa is ruled out with a foot injury for the Chargers vs Chiefs this Sunday which puts the pass rush for the Chargers in jeopardy, good news for the Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Morning games to watch include, 49’ers vs Vikings, Texans vs Patriots and Jaguars vs Giants. After the morning warm up the afternoon continues with the Chiefs vs Chargers, Redskins vs Cardinals and Cowboys vs Panthers. The final game of the day will be the Bears vs Packers.

With each game comes its own wonder of who will win, who will pull off the upset and which teams will take the early standout as the dominant team in their division. Some teams are a wonder in themselves of how they will stand up after the trades and acquisitions from the off season. Teams like the Colts, Chiefs and Cardinals who made some serious changes wait to see how everything comes together. 

What ever happens this Sunday, which ever team wins or looses,  there will be magic. Cheers and Jeers will be heard from coast to coast. From the first coin flip on Sunday morning to the final whistle that night, there will not be a dull moment. Spend time with family and friends and above all, remember its just a game, but enjoy it.


Well the biggest news if you haven’t heard is LeVeon Bell. Bell did not show for the mandatory meeting or for the bus ride to Cleveland on Saturday. For most drafts Bell went within the first 5 picks. If you were one of those who has Bell and were smart enough or lucky enough to handcuff the position with James Conner, you are an FFL god. We will wait to see what happens with Bell and Pittsburgh as things develop.

Things to remember when picking the starters for your teams, Weather! Weather plays a big part in who you should play versus who you should sit. Rain storms, snow, extreme cold may not bode too well with QB’s and WR’s. Check the Weather for these positions and where they are playing. Dome’s are your friend with these skill positions. On the flip side RB’s love this bad weather. Teams tend to primarily run the ball when the sky’s do not cooperate. Short passes to RB’s and TE’s in the flat can add substantial value these positions in bad weather.

Top 3 starters for Sunday in the QB, RB, WR and TE positions according to

QB: Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady New England Patriots and Cam Newton Carolina Panthers are the top 3 Quarter Backs.

RB: Todd Gurley Los Angles Rams, David Johnson Arizona Cardinals and Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys are your top 3 Running Backs.

WR: Antonio Brown Pittsburg Steelers, DeAndre Hopkins Houston Texans and Michael Thomas New Orleans Saints are your Wide Receivers.

TE: Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots, Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs and Delanie  Walker Tennessee Titans are your Tight Ends.

Bold Predictions

This is my top 5 BOLD predictions for this week’s games. Win or loose this is for fun and comments are welcomed. Conversations during the games on Sunday are also great. Your thoughts and ideas for improvements to these articles is appreciated.

Here we go first I am going to pick the winner as the Texans over the New England Patriots with a score of 27-24.

Next I believe that the Bears will defeat the Green Bay Packers by a score of 28-26.

I also think the Giants will beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and Shaquan Barclay will rush for over 200 yards.

How about the Kansas City Chiefs over the Charges and Mahomes will throw for more yards then Phillip Rivers.

Last but not least the Browns will break their 17 game loosing streak by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17.

Please join the fun and comment during the games, I would love to hear from all of you.

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