Live Confirmation Hearing Day 3

Brett Kavanaugh meets with Senator Todd Young. Image by Office of Senator Todd Young.

Wednesday found Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh answering Senators questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

The Washington Post reports that the hearing lasted from 9:36 a.m. until 10:08 p.m. Like Tuesday’s hearing which can be found here @ The News Blender this hearing was met with protesters. He was asked if he’d have trouble ruling against President Trump, he replied, “No one is above the law.” Asked about abortion specifically Roe v Wade and if it was “correctly decided, he replied, “I don’t live in a bubble,” saying that he recognizes “the real-world consequences of the issue.” The Post notes that Judge Kavanaugh “repeatedly testified that Roe v Wade” was “settled” law. Asked if a President could pardon himself, Judge Kavanaugh said he wasn’t going to answer, as that was a “hypothetical,” question. Day two of  Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony can be found @ The News Blender 

Asked if a President should be required to respond to a subpoena he again said he wasn’t going to answer because it was “hypothetical” 

Asked a specific question on whether or not he discussed the “Mueller” investigation with a specific law firm, Judge Kavanaugh can’t answer 

Thursday Judge Kavanaugh again answers questions from the Senators, this time each senator will have twenty-minutes according to PBS News Hour. 

The hearing is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. eastern 6:30 a.m. pacific. 

Live Feed #1 PBS 

Live Feed #2 Fox News 

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