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Week 67: The Mueller Rumor Mill Is Working Overtime

The waiting is the hardest part, Tom Petty sang through his nose in 1981, predicting the agony of anticipation that has settled on Washington journalists this Labor Day weekend like a smoggy August warm front.

We’re waiting for the rumored Roger Stone indictment to come down, and so is he. We’re waiting for the charges that might be filed against Don Jr. We’re waiting for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to deliver his collusion and obstruction report to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. We’re waiting for Rudolph Giuliani’s counter-report to the Mueller report, which is almost finished even though Rudy hasn’t seen Mueller’s work. We’re waiting for Paul Manafort’s second trial, which starts on September 24, and aren’t sure whether to be happy or blue about his plea deal falling apart.


Former GOP leader in Connecticut resigns from party: ‘I blame President Trump’

Michael London, a former member of the Trumbull Town Council in Connecticut, said he’s resigning from the Republican Party and blamed President Trump, calling him “the worst president our country has had — ever.”

In a op-ed published by the Hartford Courant on Friday, London wrote his decision to resign from the Republican party and register as an unaffiliated voter was “something that I never thought I would do.” 
London described himself as a “loyal member of the Republican Party for most of my adult life,” but he said the GOP “is no longer the party that I believed in all these years.”

The Hill

Papadopoulos lawyers ask for no prison time for lying to FBI amid Russia probe

Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, the first suspect charged in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe, is asking a court to allow him to avoid prison time for lying to federal investigators.

In a filing submitted shortly before midnight Friday, lawyers for Papadopoulos urged U.S. District Court Judge Randy Moss to reject Mueller’s recommendation that their client get up to six months in prison for misleading the FBI about the timing and scope of his contacts with individuals connected to Russia.

Papadopoulos’ attorneys say he didn’t lie out of concern he was involved in a dastardly plot, but due to more pedestrian worries about his job prospects and avoiding embarrassment to the Trump campaign.


Maryland football took a penalty in tribute to Jordan McNair. Texas declined it.

Only 10 Maryland players trotted onto the field for the first series of Saturday’s season opener against Texas at FedEx Field. The spot on for the right guard was left open as the Terrapins offense took formation. Then starting quarterback Kasim Hill simply waited for the play clock to expire.

Texas declined the penalty for delay of game.

It was a tribute to Jordan McNair, the Maryland redshirt freshman offensive lineman who died in June two weeks after suffering exertional heatstroke during a team workout, thrusting the school into upheaval. It was just one of the ways the team memorialized McNair on Saturday.

Washington Post

From The “Must Read” File

John McCain’s Funeral Was a Council of War—Just as He Meant It to Be

In the magnificent, lordly church-house, there were speeches and prayers. There were songs and hymns. There were bands and pipers and choirs and soloists. John McCain was given a national send-off in a National Cathedral and there was a great gathering of emotion that was almost frightening in its intensity because you knew that it was aimed at a solitary, angry, unbalanced man left back at the White House, at someone who nonetheless is the president* of the United States, with all the powers inherent to his office, a man who has created a situation in which he is an object of dislike and disrespect, because that is all that he’s given to the world in return.

It was said almost immediately after the conclusion of the funeral ceremonies on Saturday that, for a few hours anyway, we were back in a familiar country with familiar customs and manners and norms, a country with institutions built to last. That may well be true. I felt it, too. But in back of that is the realization that all of us, including the deceased, had taken those customs, manners, norms, and institutions terribly for granted. We thought they could withstand anything, even a renegade president* in the pocket of a distant authoritarian goon. We let the customs, manners, norms and institutions weaken through neglect and now we are in open conflict with an elected president and, make no mistake about it, John McCain’s funeral was a council of war, and it was a council of war because that’s what John McCain meant it to be.


From The “Odd Couple” File

Moment between George W. Bush and Michelle Obama at McCain funeral goes viral

A light-hearted moment between former President George W. Bush and former first lady Michelle Obama during the funeral service for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Saturday went viral.

Social media users quickly caught on to the brief moment, showing Bush passing something from former first lady Laura Bush to Michelle Obama.

The Hill

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