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Many of the early Presidents have famed historical sites devoted to their memory.  Monticello, for example; Mount Vernon.  The Adams National Historical Park.

Martin Van Buren has a site, too.  But it’s not quite as well known… because he’s Martin Van Buren.

Despite being a prominent man of his day (he was the President, after all) and helping to found the modern incarnation of the Democrat party, he’s not particularly notable to contemporary scholars or the average citizen.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fans, though.

There’s the Martin Van Buren fan club.  Dedicated to all of the great things associated with Martin Van Buren.  In 1977, Gary Holloway’s research uncovered the fact that Van Buren was the only President not to have a group memorializing him.  Holloway promptly founded the fan club.  He’s served as the President of the multi-hundred member club many times, and has won multiple Martys… the award given for excellence in Van Burenism.

Yes, you read that correctly.

They aren’t the only Van Buren fans, though.  There’s another group that appreciates our eighth President, albeit for something a bit more superficial than his policy.

The Martin Van Buren Sideburns Appreciation Society began in 2008.  They keep the web site up, but how much activity is conducted by the members is questionable.  It’s not that the society is secret.  It’s just that it’s Martin Van Buren.

Question of the night: Have you ever belonged to a fan club?

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