Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Results

Elizabeth Warren Official 113th Congressional Portrait. Photo By United States Senate

On Monday, the Boston Globe reported that Senator Elizabeth Warren publicly released the results of her DNA test to them.  They report that it “provides “strong evidence’’ she had a Native American in her family tree dating back 6 to 10 generations.”

Senator Warren has been publicly ridiculed by President Trump for her claims of Native American ancestry.  He referred to her as Pocahontas and is said to have offered her $1 Million for a charity if she would release a DNA test, as shown on Fox News.

The out, obviously, is that he did NOT offer her a million dollars toward charity.  He staged it all within the span of a hypothetical… that he would, if debating her, make such an offer.  It was a straw man argument, designed to present himself as strong by proposing a situation and how he would respond.  This was politically helpful at a time when he had already demonstrated great weakness to actual enemies of the country like Kim Jong Un. and there was concern – later demonstrated to be valid – he would do the same in his upcoming meeting with Putin.  

Demands for him by Warren and friendly political and media figures to contribute to a charity for her are fundamentally dishonest, possibly attempting to recall the many instances of Trump lying about payments in the past.

Senator Warren has been the target of continued derision from Republicans, such as Trump.  She has also been the recipient of criticism from some Native American activists. 

If the potential ancestor does exist, the math shows that she would be 1/32 Native American if it dates back six generations, and 1/512 if it dates back 10 (divide by two for each successive generation).

Cherokee nation admission applications recognize a great-grandparent as being sufficient to apply for tribal membership.  Also, “Individuals must provide documents connecting them to an enrolled direct ancestor who is listed on the Dawes Roll.”  Warren would not qualify under that requirement.

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