GOP Assembly Candidate and Brothel Owner Found Dead

Dennis Hof, Heidi Fleiss, and Ron Jeremy at the Adult Video Network Convention 2006 in Las Vegas. Photo by Daniel Dacumos.

Dennis Hof best known for his role as a legal pimp owning four brothels, and most recently his campaign to be a GOP state assemblyman for the state of Nevada, has died, he was 72 years old. 

The Reno Gazette Journal reported on Tuesday that the “bombastic,” legal pimp was confirmed deceased by Nye County Commissioner, John Koenig. 

Hof’s campaign manager Chuck Muth posted to Twitter that he could also confirm the reports. 

Muth told Reno Gazette Journal in an interview that he was contacted by Hof’s assistant, “in tears saying Dennis died and I need you to come out here immediately, I can’t deal with this myself.”

Muth tweeted on Monday night images from what he called Hof’s “birthday party/campaign,” that was held in Pahrump. Guests included Grover Norquist, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and adult film star, Ron Jeremy. Trucker Carlson is said to have called Hof during the event to wish him a happy birthday. 

Muth also told the Reno Gazette Journal there was no indication that Hof was unwell at last nights event. There is no word on cause of death, according to Muth’s tweet from 4:10 p.m. eastern, Ron Jeremy discovered Hof’s body this morning when he went to wake for a meeting in Pahrump. He also explained the investigation was “still on going.” 

The linked article also explains that it’s unclear at this time how Hof’s death will effect the midterm election, though his name will remain on the ballot. 

As the News Blender reported in June Hof framed himself as part of the “Trump movement,” saying it was a new breed of politician that has benefited from President Trump’s 2016 victory. 

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