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Eddie Murphy as Gumby. Saturday Night Live.

Halloween is almost here!  Costume threads will soon be coming… funny costume pics in the humor thread, odd ones for a Night Owl… and we’ve already had a speculative piece about politicians’ choices.  This is effectively the beginning of the holiday season, to be followed by Thankgiving and Christmas (as well as Hanukkah and New Year’s) and holidays are traditionally a time for fun.

In mind of that, we’re doing a Halloween Meme thread toady.  Nothing to graphic or gruesome… feel free to put those in the comment section, but within the limits of good taste.

Let’s start with a little political humor, to ease you into the meme mood…

It’s not only people who get into the holiday spirit…

As usual, some people just want to go “dark” on Halloween…

…while others want to be a bit lighter than the source material.

And then, to round it out, one from Instagram that’s just made so much better because of the person who posted it.

So, what are some of your monster, horror and Halloween-themed memes?

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