Political Humor – Halloween Costumes

Trump/Meghan Trainor parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul

“No, Sweetie.  You got those jobs entirely on your own merit.  You’re funny, really!  You are.  Now I’ve got to go, your older cousin has Senator work to do.”

Chuck Schumer ends the call to Amy, chuckling to himself.  “A job for a hack on one side, a young woman to grope for Franken on the other, and both of them think they owe me.  Chuck, you are the best politician ever.”

Pleased with himself, he leans over to examine the e-mail from the DNC marked “Do Not Give To Podesta”.  As he reads it he realizes how far they’ve gone to get any possible leg up in the midterms.  This is just a list of the Halloween costumes that people around the Capitol have secretly purchased or prepared.

“Whatever,” he murmurs as he quickly scans it… then stops.  “Rick Perry is going to be Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon?” he asks aloud.  Then he shrugs.  “He is all about the perfect hair.  Okay, then, who else is on this list?”

“Mike Huckabee is dressing up as… Sean Hannity?  Oh, Mike, Mike, that’s so sad, even for you.”  He shakes his head.

“Kanye West has a Maxine Waters costume and Maxine Waters has a Kanye West costume?  Somehow that’s appropri- wait, Ann Coulter has a Kanye West costume, too?”

“Nancy Pelosi as Black Widow.  Oh, Nancy, you’re not going to convince the youth that you’re one of them.   You can barely convince people you’re human.”

He chuckles.  “Rand Paul as Shaun the Sheep.  Owning the hair, I’ve got to give him credit for that.  I suppose I should give him credit for owning his position in the Trump flock, too, but… meh.”

Continuing to scan through, Schumer winces at some, laughs at others, and just shakes his head in amazement at a few.  And then his mind turns to his own costume….

… anyone want to help out with some of the other names and costumes in the e-mail?

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