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Egg Toss YMCA Camp. Photo by Camp Pinewood

If you’ve ever been to a group-sponsored picnic or field game event, you’ve probably seen it.  The egg toss.  Teams of two, tossing an uncooked egg back and forth.  If it falls and breaks, that team is out.  If it breaks because someone caught it wrong, that team is out… and someone is going to wash up.  Fairly simple, and not the sort of thing that one would count as a real sporting competition.

…well, not the sort of thing that most people would count as a real sporting competition.  But there are some, among them the World Egg Throwing Federation.

The world egg-throwing competition is held each year in Swaton, England during their Vintage Day events.  It’s the star attraction amongst a number of egg tossing events, all organized in part by the WETF.

My favorite, for the sheer silliness of it, is the only pay-to-enter event, the “World Target Throwing With Accuracy Challenge”.  For an explanation of why I believe it is silly, consider the scoring:

  • Head shot = Nil points
  • Arms/legs = 1 point
  • Body = 2 points
  • Groin = 3 points

They also have a throwing event for the 13 and under crowd, an Egg Trebouchet challenge and a Russian Egg Roulette championship.

As lighthearted as it may seem, competitors come from around the world to compete in the main event.  This year, a New Zealand team won the award over teams from the UK, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Australia.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite summertime activity?

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