Watch Live Trump Rally 15 — Murphysboro, Illinois #MAGA

Donald Trump at Aston, PA. Photo by Michael Vadon.

President Trump will hold his 15th MAGA rally for October, live from Murphysboro, Illinois. 

During the Future Farmers of America event from Indianapolis, President Trump said via the Chicago Sun Times that his rally would go ahead despite the shooting @ The Tree of Life Synagogue, in Pittsburgh, that has left at least ten people dead, “We can’t let evil change our life and change our schedule. So, I’ll go. Not that I want to go… in reverse, [I] have an obligation to go,” President Trump said. 

According to the article about an hour before he told the FFA crowd that the rally was going ahead as planned, he told reporters abroad Air Force One, “you can say we’re considering” cancelling the scheduled rally. 

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