7.0 Earthquake reported in Anchorage, Alaska

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Friday CNN reported a 7.0 earthquake struck just outside Anchorage, Alaska. According to CNN’s live updates residents are being told to find higher ground. Following the 7.0 earthquake, four aftershocks have been reported. 

The Washington Post reported that the earthquake struck around 8:30 a.m. local time, and shortly afterward “the National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for Cook Inlet and South Kenai Peninsula. 

Damage has been reported via Twitter. 

Alsyon Petrie an Alaskan high school student during the quake. 

After the quake. 

ABC News posted a statement issued by The Anchorage Police Department. 

CBS News. 

Anchorage resident Sarah M, posted video of a road damaged, adding in a tweet that nobody had been injured during the incident. 

CBS News has a live stream news feed. 

CNN reports that the Tsunami Warning has been canceled, “No tsunami danger exists, and no destructive tsunami has been reported.” 

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