An Easy Friday Morning

Canary. Photo by 4028mdk09.

Due to technical difficulties, this was my how my Thursday afternoon went.

This is just going to be one of those Easy Friday mornings.

It took me a while to catch up, so, of course, I head out into the Twitterverse first thing and what do I see?

Laura Loomer was the highlight of Twitter today while I was away and went all SJW on Twitter because they banned her. Her answer to the injustice of it all, in her mind? Was to chain herself to the front door of Twitter headquarters.

Because Free Speech, y’all. Who knew Twitter was the Gummit?

Deplorable Nationalist Marsha does, that’s who!

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

Because. Of Course. What rational thinking person wouldn’t wake up and say to themselves, I am going to make an utter fool of myself today. Amiright? Right.

I mean, who even knows who this chick is anyway? But then, remember this? This right here is the only reason I ever heard her name. Evidently that is pretty much her call to fame? Now, she is the crazy lady who chained herself to a door. Maybe PETA could find a place for her?


[h/t Contended Independent]

Next stop? The News Blender, of course, and catch up on the news there. Pop into Beth’s Notes, mosey on down into the comments after reading the news, and I run across this from Beth as well.

So, giving a mayor h/t to Beth I snipped that up and posted it here in case you missed it last night. I highly recommend you share it. Faaaar and Wiiide. I’m sure Beth would approve.  😀

Just for added emphasis.

O.M.G. I never knew how funny Twitter people were until I took that plunge I never thought I would. I am still a newbie in their world, but not a day has gone by they have not been a resource tool, but also someone, somewhere in this world always manages to make me laugh out loud.

Now that everyone knows about QAnon — now that, ahem, a certain national newspaper has published at least a dozen articles about QAnon in the span of four days — we need to ask why not everyone is convinced the conspiracy theory is true.

Maybe it’s because QAnon is too true. Like, there’s just too much truth crammed into a single conspiracy theory alleging that President Trump is secretly waging war on an evil cabal of liberals who rig the elections, and run the CIA, and abduct children, and hid all the UFOs, and killed Princess Diana, and did Hurricane Katrina, and invented vampirism, and … [consults QAnon guide …]

Washington Post; Avi Selk; Aug 5 2018

And, just in time, Mighty Dog and Sheriff Cat saves the day.

Thanks for playing. See you Saturday morning for ICYMI ~doc.

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