Midterm Election Update: Florida With A Side of Arizona

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Florida is a huge massive problem to report on, as it happens, but the long and short of it, currently Florida has three state-wide machine recounts and three county wide machine recounts that are mandated by state law when the vote tallies fall to 0.5 percent between the top two candidates as was reported via Online Sunshine the official internet site for the state legislature.  

President Trump via Twitter has explained that big corruption is afoot in the state of Florida starting Wednesday just a day after the midterm election. Monday was no exception to this, he took to twitter to express his dismay over what he fears is an attempt to “STEAL” Florida and explains that “an honest vote count,” isn’t a possibility as “ballots massively infected,” (Yeah I do not know what that means either). He concludes by saying “must go with Election night!” 

Election night results are not in fact official vote counts, the official results take time and each state has their own deadlines. One general rule that appears to apply across all states, is this one, via Florida Divisions of Elections, “Generally, vote-by-mail ballots must be received by the Supervisor of Elections’ office no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day in order to be canvassed and counted; vote-by-mail ballots from *overseas voters shall be counted if they are received within 10 days of the General Election, provided they are postmarked no later than the day of the election.”

One of the hotly contested elections happening in Florida is the race between outgoing Governor Rick Scott (R) and incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D), according to the New York Times the unofficial count stands at: 

Scott (R) 4,098,098 50.1 percent. 

Nelson (D) 4,085,532 49.9 percent. 

Another closely watched Florida election that is currently under going a mandatory machine recount is for the Governors spot to see who replaces Governor Rick Scott. 

According to the same link the count between Republican Ron DeSantis and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D) stand at: 

DeSantis (R) 4,075,876 49.6 percent. 

Gillum (D) 4,042,207 49.2 percent. 

For comparison sake Scott in 2010 when he ran for Governor against Democrat Alex Sink also was in a tight race, the New York Times reported in 2010 the vote count stood at Scott, 2,619,335 48.9 percent while Sink garnered 2,557,785 47.7 percent. 

Florida counties have until 3 p.m. eastern on the 15th of November to turn in their second unofficial returns, if needed the Secretary of State and the Division of Elections will determine if a manual count is necessary. The threshold according to the PDF from Division of Elections that triggers a manual recount is “¼ of one percent.” The state has until November 20th @ 9 a.m. to certify the election results.  

*Overseas ballots typically come from military personal that are stationed overseas, including such places as Afghanistan and Iraq. 

As to the side of Arizona, the AP via Twitter has called the race between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Krysten Sinema. The two women were in a heated battled to see who would replace the retiring Senator Jeff Flake (R). 

McSally (R) via Twitter has concede to Sinema (D). 

Sinema via Twitter also thanked voters for their support. 

Bonus Tweet….

In case you were wondering President Trump on Oct, 19th, 2018 held a campaign rally in Arizona for Martha McSally. 

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