Stan Lee 1922-2018

Stan Lee at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, California. Photo By Gage Skidmore

Writer, editor, publisher of Marvel Comics Stan Lee has died, he was 95 years old. 

The Hollywood Reporter explains that Lee who created such iconic characters as Peter Parker aka Spider-man or X-Men or Thor…the list of his iconic creations is endless, started his path to Nerd and Geek Icon, in 1939 when he got his first job, as a gofer for Timely Comics.  

Stan Lee’s wife passed away in July of 2017, according to the linked article the pair had been married 69 years. 

While the last few years of his life have been “tumultuous,” I’d rather we focus on saying goodbye to man that made us all wish we could be “web-slingers” or cool like the Hulk that warned everyone, “you wouldn’t like me angry.” 

 Twitter says goodbye to legend Stan Lee. 

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