Thanksgiving Out–Christmas In

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Good afternoon all! 

It’s Saturday two days after Thanksgiving, a day after black Friday, and just one an a half days until cyber Monday. 

Traditionally this four-day weekend after Thanksgiving is the time, I and many-many others break-out the Christmas decorations and dust off the summer/fall thinking for the deep winter hibernation that keeps us inside as snow falls, rain showers, and brisk wintry wind blows. 

And that is what is happening in my house as we speak, I have boxes of lights, storage bins of garland, and even our “fake” tree all moved into the living-room. 

This is the before image: 

Photo by Tiff
Photo by Tiff 

As I and my husband Mike, who provides the football Thursday and Sunday threads, just started, there is no after photos, but our hope is that after it will look something like this: 

As a reminder there are only 31 days left until Christmas…(the News Blender along with the news cycle will return soon) 

Questions are typically reserved for the Night Owl, but here it is anyway. 

Do you have any Christmas decorating traditions? 

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