Deadly “Yellow Vest” Protests In France

The Arc de Triomphe during a riot in Paris France. Image Capture by TNB.

Anti-government rioting throughout France claimed one life, injured hundreds and damaged a national monument over the weekend.  

Known as the “Yellow Vest” (in the original French, “gilets jauns”) movement, it is a populist-based group that has grown in response to increases in the fuel taxes by the Macron government.  The protests began on November 17, and have been growing in size and violence.

The website Expatistan lists the average cost of a liter of gas in Paris as 1.55 Euros; with conversion, that translates to $6.66 per gallon, U.S. 

Macron’s fuel tax increases fulfill a promise he made which was at the core of his election, which was to take drastic action to reduce climate change.  While the voters strongly agreed that action was required to curb fuel use, however, the actual implementation of the policy has enraged the people who have to pay for such action.  Macron is paying a heavy price, with his poll numbers in the low 20s and calls for him to resign.

According to France24, the protests began as peaceful and broad-based, with elderly pensioners throughout France commonly donning bright yellow jackets and helping youthful protesters in blocking access to roads and government services.

As the weekend progressed, violent action moved from the fringes of the effort to become the norm, culminating in a series of riots in Paris and other cities.

From Euronews:

A total of 412 people were arrested and 133 were wounded, including 23 law enforcement officers. According to the Ministry of the Interior, firefighters dealt with 190 blazes including six buildings which were set on fire.

The Prime Minister of France, Edouard Philippe, is scheduled to have talks with Yellow Vest leaders today, after having consulted with Macron and other key government officials on Sunday.

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