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A bit of fun is brought by Gizmodo, via the New York Post.

Uh oh, busted!

Young Jariel, aga 6, is having to do his “winter break math homework.” The Cueva household had only had Alexa for a week and mom is in the living room, she tells the Post, when she overhears him “asking Alexa some math problems.”

“Alexia! What is 5 minus 3?”

Mom says what we don’t hear in this 11-second busted clip is Jariel had been telling Alexa, “Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework.” Cueva says she’s probably going to have to turn off Alexa in the future during homework time.

Brian Kolfage of the GoFundMe for the Wall! (TM) fame told NBC News when asked about past projects he’s been involved with, that “he didn’t want to mention his previous projects because he “didn’t want it to be a distraction.””

What are some of those “previous projects?”

Right Wing News – A Facebook page that trafficked in conspiracy theories and was ultimately shuttered in Facebook’s “sweep of more than 559 pages that the company said were “using fake accounts … to drive traffic to their websites” or “were ad farms using Facebook to mislead people into thinking that they were forums for legitimate political debate.”

After Kolfage had that site shut down, he then launched one called “’Fight4FreeSpeech,’ which accepts donations.”

Other sites Kolfage ran, which were affiliated with his Right Wing News, were ones called VeteranAF and FreedomDaily. Both pushed conspiracy theories. Both now have “This Website Has Gone Out of Business” text on their pages.

Kolfage’s FreedomDaily was one among other sites sued by a guy named Joel Vangheluew, who lives in Michigan, for “misidentifying him as the driver of the car that plowed” into the protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kolfage’s website ran an article from 4Chan as his source, though Kolfage was not listed specifically as a defendant by name.

The sites often trafficked in false, inflammatory and racist content, including headlines like “Obnoxious Black People Lose Their Minds When Victoria Secret Models Say This 1 Word On Live Video” and “Trump Just Released Embarrassing Vids Of Obama’s Muslim Friends That He Never Wanted Seen.”

NBC News

FreedomDaily and VeteranAF frequently ran identical stories by users with different bylines. Several stories on FreedomDaily written by “Liberty Belle” also appear on “VeteranAF” under the byline “Lady Liberty.”

Following Facebook’s takedown, Kolfage’s story drew considerable interest from right-wing media sites including Breitbart and WorldNetDaily. He has since appeared on Fox News to tout Fight4FreeSpeech, a group against “social media censorship.”

For some reason, Kolfage failed to mention any of these “projects” on his new GoFundMe “project.”

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