The Post It Note New Year Eve 2018 Edition

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A round up of the day’s news that might be of interest to you.

This is an OPEN THREAD,  folks. Chat about any of the stories listed, share links to stories that caught your eye today, and generally have a good time discussing whatever you want.

A Note From the Note

You’ve seen all of our TNB 2018 Retrospective posts today, I’m sure. Alien’s Night Owl, Halo’s Morning Canary 2018 Reflections, Tiff’s “Best of” Trump Tweets, Lenny’s Favorite Graphics, and my Russia Investigation year end review.

Since the Note is just daily round up of interesting articles, it would be difficult to have picked the best of The Post It Note, right?


Easy peasy. Every single Note that we have all gathered round on and chatted, laughed, disagreed, debated, been outraged at this administration together, talked smack about other sites, lambasted the thought leaders who sold out, posted gifs, witnessed joy blooming, supported each other, asked for prayers, said “Happy Birthday”, teased each other, sneaked “Booms” in hopes Lenny didn’t see, and/or just hung out is my favorite, hands down.

My second favorite is any Note that Trump was featured in a poor light, which is to say nearly every last one of them. (Sorry, I’m trying to behave in the spirit of sentimentality, but that is easier said than done!)

The bottom line is that you guys are awesome and make my job so very easy and, while 2019 may be as crazy as 2018 was, I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

From the various Post It Notes on Beth’s desk, have a very very Happy New Year and may 2019 bless each of us.

And may Donald J Trump be indicted, impeached, removed, and dropped off on the furthest moon of Jupiter via a Space Force prison ship.

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