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Nyango Star. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Q: What do you get when you cross an apple and a cat?

A: A drummer.

If this sounds like absurdist humor… it is.  But probably not in the manner one would normally suspect, not unless one were familiar with Nyango Star, Japan’s favorite apple cat drummer (by default, as there are unlikely to be any others.)

Here’s his profile page.  Let’s see what Google translate can tell us about how he came to be…

Domestic cat Shiloh, a sick died due to illness 7 years old. After cremation in the funeral home, buried in the apple field.
A few years later, it revives as an apple fruit. It grows gradually and actually falls to the ground.
I got scratches but I gradually grow up.
Memory was ambiguous but the part as a cat started gradually beginning to return with time.
It reminds me of everything and returns to the owner but from the appearance it is not noticed that it is Shiloh, it is called a wild beast of a red apple.
Although I was able to have a residence but I had to manage it, I consulted the grandfather of the apple tree which is the birth parent.
“Please save the power to please everyone, go to the hill of HOLLYWOOD, and you will be able to return to the former form.”
I could not catch on to denture but I could catch somehow.
Now I think about the way of going to the United States after the dead older trees, and flashed that I can come and go overseas if I become a rock star with a hint of my owner’s drum.
Practice by looking at the owner’s drum, and appearing in local events.
From band fellows, it is said that a name is necessary and is called a legendary drummer “Ringo Star” from a cat and an apple drummer, “Nyannotate.”
An adventure back to Nikkatsu’s white cat begins.


So, let’s just take a look at how difficult it is to drum in a mascot costume, shall we?  If you’re impatient, forward through the first minute, but patience is rewarded in the buildup.

It’s not faked.  It’s just what Nyango Star does.  Here’s a cover of the drum part of a popular song from Japanese rock group Babymetal.

Don’t ask why.  Just be glad that America has competition for harmless – and often amazing – weirdness.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite (not necessarily most difficult) drum-focused song?

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