ICYMI-NBPC Scrubs Website Before Trump’s TX Photo-Op

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National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) president Brandon Judd, representing over 18,000 members, stood alongside Trump in the White House briefing room on January 3, 2019 and told the press: “I can personally tell you, from the work I’ve done on the southwest border, that walls actually work … You hear a lot talk that there are experts that say that walls don’t work. I promise you that if you interview Border Patrol agents, they will tell you that walls work.”

I present to you, the obsequious Brandon Judd: mark 2:50-4:10

Sometime after January 4, 2019, but before Trump’s prime-time address on January 8 – which was two days before Trump headed to McAllen, TX, on January 10 – the NBPC’s “Media FAQ” page, after having stood since 2012, was scrubbed amid attempts to shove it down into the black memory hole, Politico reported, via VICE’s Motherboard.

In an email to POLITICO, Judd said the webpage represented the position of previous union leaders and had caused confusion on the union’s website.

Judd, who was elected union president in 2013, said he “vehemently disagreed” with the union’s earlier opposition to border barriers.


The Interwebz is ForEver.

According to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, it was a rare glimpse of reasonable common sense strategies and solutions of the NBPC and a far cry from the NBPC’s Home Page today.

A few examples.

The NBPC disagrees with wasting taxpayer money on building fences and walls along the border as a means of curtailing illegal entries into the United States. However, as long as we continue to operate under the current NBPS and ignore the problem that is causing illegal immigration, we realize fences and walls are essential.

Walls and fences are temporary solutions that focus on the symptom (illegal immigration) rather than the problem (employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens).

Walls and fences are only a speed bump. People who want to come to the United States to obtain employment will continue to go over, under, and around the walls and fences that are constructed.

Walls and fences will undoubtedly result in an increase in fraudulent documents and smuggling through the Ports of Entry.

Walls and fences do not solve the issue of people entering the country legally and staying beyond the date they are required to leave the country, a problem which will undoubtedly increase as more walls and fences are constructed.

The NBPC position regarding walls and fences is not due to a concern of losing our jobs if fences and walls are built. On the contrary, the NBPC realizes that walls and fences require just as much manpower to protect them. Border Patrol Agents witness what happens to walls and fences when there are not enough Border Patrol agents to protect them.

Internet Archives Wayback Machine (bpUnion .org Jan4)


The NBPS is extremely manpower intensive. The NBPS calls for a mix of personnel, technology, and infrastructure, but the personnel still has to be increased under this strategy to protect the infrastructure and technology and to respond to illegal aliens detected using technology.

Currently, the National Border Patrol Council believes the only available method of determining the success of the NBPS is the number of illegal aliens residing in the United States. Since that number has steadily increased since the NBPS were implemented, the NBPC contends that the NBPS is a failure and has only successfully slowed the flow of people entering the country illegally in populated areas.

Placing a majority of the resources on the border to address illegal immigration is as ridiculous as a baseball team placing all the players in the infield. Essentially, we are a baseball team without an outfield and we are losing every inning.

The NBPS is not concerned with the negative affects of displacement on remote areas of the border (out of the public eye) and the Ports of Entry.

The NBPS does not take into account the potential for an increase in fraudulent documents.

The NBPS does not have any impact on those persons who enter the country legally, but reside beyond the date they are expected to leave the United States

Internet Archive Wayback Machine (bpUnion. org Jan 4)

When speaking about illegal immigration, everyone appears to agree on one issue: an overwhelming majority of people enter the United States illegally to obtain employment. Based on the assumption this is true, one can only conclude that the current problem for the United States is employers who hire illegal aliens. Illegal immigration is merely a symptom of that problem. Consequently, if any politicians are truly interested in stemming the flow of illegal immigration, then they should focus on the problem and stop focusing on the symptom.

Therefore, to solve the problem, the United States should focus enforcement efforts on U.S. employers, not illegal aliens or the border. The NBPC’s plan consists of the following:

Internet Archive Wayback Machine (bpUnion .org Jan 4)

“Still,” Politico reports, “the union said at the time that physical barriers will remain “essential” if the federal government doesn’t target employers who hire undocumented immigrants.”

Since Judd’s appearance, the NBPC’s website has completely removed any reference to a Media FAQ link.

Today, this is how the “leaders” of the NBPC now represent their members to the public via their Newsroom tab “Special Report,” on February 11, 2017, with headlines reading: Obama Administration Leftover “Leaders”Will Try to Prevent Attempts to Build the Wall.

It consists of two tweets from Trump and one sentence: “As long as the same Obama administration DHS and CBP “leaders” are involved, they will do everything they can to see President Trump fail in his attempts to build the wall!”

Brandon Judd evidently has just been biding his time. Instead of scrubbing their Union website’s Media FAQ page, he should have been reading it, paying particular attention to “#7: Corruption: As long as the Border Patrol continues to place priority on the quantity of recruits rather than the quality of recruits, corruption within the Border Patrol will continue to be a problem.”

Reminder from @ theNewsBlenders’ way back machine.

Stay tuned.

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