The Binary Argument Was Always BS

Parody of the GOP symbol. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

We had no choice, they said.

It’s either him or her, they said.

I would never vote for him otherwise, they said.

I wish it was someone else, they said.

Aside from the true idiotic Trump die-hard sycophants, everyone I know that voted for Trump bought into the binary argument. They assured me that they would rather have had anyone else besides Trump, but it is what it is. So I asked them if they would support someone else if/when Trump was primaried for 2020.

Of course, they said.


During the past 3 years, I have been attempting to highlight the problems in the Primary Election system. Basically, it’s total crap. It is designed such that the leaders of the RNC pretty much have control over how things will turn out. In other words, as Trump constantly whined, “It’s rigged!” He’s right, it is rigged. Where he was wrong is that it was not rigged against him, but rather, in the favor of someone like him.

For a guy like Trump to come bumbling in and be able to win the Republican nomination is all the proof one needs to know that the system is, well, let’s just say, “less than ideal”.

Trump should have failed the first test in the vetting of anyone who applies for the position of Republican Nominee. He had no experience, no history of support, no knowledge of the platform or issues, no willingness to be open and transparent, and no character conducive to a quality candidate.

His “application” should have been rejected outright.

It was a massive failure of the RNC leadership and the Primary System that allowed him entry at all.

Everything that occurred after that compounded that problem, from his total ignorance and buffoonery displayed at every one of the debates, to his refusal to even participate in a debate, to his lying about and personally attacking other candidates, and to all of the additional despicable revelations that came to light during the campaign.

The Primary system was (still is) a disaster.

So, are we now making changes to fix things? Nope. On the contrary, we are allowing them to make matters even worse. We’re now getting reports that state’s are planning on not even holding a Primary Election in an effort to simply eliminate any chance that anyone other than Trump will be the nominee.

Colorado, one of the only states that actually had a good system that actually allowed members of the Republican Party to actually choose their nominee (rather than allowing anyone to vote and pick the nominee, whether they are members of the party or support it in any way, which is asinine and makes no logical sense whatsoever), is now changing their system away from the Party Caucus format and moving toward the “anything goes” format. Ugh.

So are we still to believe that it is a binary choice that we can’t do anything about? Do all of the people who claimed that even care? Are they out there trying to change the system so that it’s no longer a crappy binary choice?

Nah. Complaining about the Primaries was so 2016. Instead, they are covering for and backing all of the people who have dealt us this crap.

And why not? They now claim that Trump has surprisingly exceeded their wildest expectations and has accomplished so many great things. Would they now support someone challenging Trump in a Primary? Doubtful. They would now say that a Primary would only split the Party and we can’t risk that. So we must destroy anyone that might hint at challenging Trump…who everyone knew was a dishonest, terrible person, but we had to vote for him because it was a binary choice.

Critical, independent thinking, logic, and intellectual honesty are all dead in the Republican Party.

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