The Caveman

President a cave.

There is some debate out there now on whether President Trump really caved (aka got rolled by Pelosi) or if he is in the middle of some master stroke of incredible genius.

No, really. I’m serious.

People actually still believe in this man. They believe he really cares about a wall. They believe he really cares about stopping illegal immigration. They believe he’s a fighter. They believe he is honest and transparent. They believe he is the only one in Washington fighting for the American people.

They believe.

No matter what he says or what he does, they believe.

How did we get here? Half the people that voted for him in 2016 swore up and down that they only did it to avoid Hillary. They knew he was a liar. They knew he had no ethics or principles. They knew he was a crooked con man. They knew he was ignorant of all things conservative and Constitutional. They voted for him in spite of all of that because he was not Hillary.

The man has been a despicable President. Every day. The words he says, the actions he takes, the tweets he tweets…every day, nothing but division, dishonesty, and disorder. Not to mention the constant whining and immaturity.

Yet, they believe. He has become a hero to them, worthy of defending on every issue.

Why? The usual pablum we get goes something like this, “I was against Trump at first and only voted for him because of the binary choice, but he has pleasantly surprised me with all of the great, conservative policies he’s implemented. He’s done more in two years than any other President.”

What will it take to wake people up out of this Trump Trance?

If there is one thing Trump has proven adept at, it’s been identifying his marks and playing them for all they’ve got. Seriously, the most un-Christian man imaginable, has evangelical Christian leaders doing his bidding for him. He’s got free-market, conservative economists making excuses for his tariff nonsense, he’s got law and order conservatives believing his jackassery over Mueller, a man with a long history of honorable service to this nation and an impeccable reputation. And there’s much, much more.

Come on, people…snap the hell out of it. We have a Republic to save, and you’re doing nothing but handing it over to the progressive socialists on a silver platter.

Anyway, sorry about that…I digressed a bit. So, about Trump caving…or playing a master stroke…

We will find out in three weeks. But what are the possibilities now?

  1. The Dems can agree to give Trump everything he wants. Why on Earth would they do that without something very substantial in return? What would that be? Permanent DACA? Probably. At least some sort of pathway to legal status for the rest of the current illegal immigrants? Possibly. Even more? Maybe. In this case, I’m betting that we will end up with a bill that looks incredibly familiar…one that is almost identical to the Gang of Eight Bill that conservatives railed against in previous times. Will they again? Or will they find a way to excuse all of that and proclaim Trump a genius deal-maker?
  2. The Dems won’t agree to give Trump anything he wants and he will opt to shutdown the government again. This is very unlikely. The Republicans in Congress will never allow that to happen at this point. I believe they would probably override a veto, and have made that clear to Trump (or at least to Pence). Therefore, this option is probably off the table.
  3. He can declare an emergency to make his base happy. I think this is unlikely, because he would have already done so if he thought he’d get away with it. My guess is that the Republican Senators are not on board with it. That doesn’t mean he won’t do it anyway, because he has his base to consider, but I’m guessing he won’t. At this point, with Mueller breathing down his back, he’s going to need the Senators more than his base.

Which takes us back to the first option. Yes, as I said during the primaries, with Trump, we will end up with a Gang of Eight type comprehensive immigration policy. The “wall” that would be created from that will be very minimal, a way for Trump to save face if he can still find anyone foolish enough to think he won (I’m sure he will).

Trump is stuck right now between his base and the Republicans in Congress. And for the first time, there is a distinct divide on what would make each of those entities happy.

Up until now, the Republicans in Congress have been more scared of Trump than he of them. But with the increasing accomplishments of Mueller, that dynamic is shifting very quickly.

Trump’s base should prepare themselves to be tossed to the curb. When it all boils down to keeping his butt, and the butts of his family, out of prison, the base will not be needed anymore. And if you have paid any attention to Trump at all, when you no longer serve his needs, you’re dropped like a hot potato-head (aka Chris Christie).

Make no mistake about it, Trump is spelunking…and he can’t find his way out. Much like Hannity, by the way, but that’s another story…

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