Trump Tweets: Build the Wall–The Wall Is Already Being Built

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Thursday.

President Trump has tweeted 13 times so far.

In his first tweet the President appears to mock former Governor Chris Christie and former White House President Trump aide Cliff Sims, both of whom have released books detailing their experiences inside the Trump orbit, by writing in part, “gee, I’m in the White House, & they’re not![“]

In his second, fourth, fifth, ninth, and eleventh, tweet(s) President Trump tells us the “wall is already being built.”

2. The Wall is getting done one way or the other!

4. Wall is being built! (original tweet sent at 7:25 a.m. replaced at 12:43 p.m.)

A screen grab of the original tweet where he spelled Crisis–Crises.

5. Construction has started and will not stop until it is finished.

9. DESPERATELY needed WALL… Wall is already being built…

11. Being Built!

In December failing to secure border wall funding the government shutdown. The shutdown which lasted a historic 35 days, ended when President Trump, Republicans, and Democrats agreed to a short term spending package that included the commission of a committee that would reach a long term plan to fund Department of Homeland Security. The short term spending bill did not include border wall funding.

During the 35 day shutdown President Trump and some top republicans explained that if Democrats can not reach a deal to fund the wall, that President Trump explained today is already being built, he would use his Presidential power to declare an emergency to build and fund the wall.

On Thursday morning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters “there’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation,” being negotiated by the bi-partisan committee, but she added she was open to the idea of some form of “infrastructure” if the committee could reach a deal.

For What It’s Worth: The short term funding bill lasts through the 15th of February. President Trump is expected to deliver the annual State of the Union to Congress on the 5th of February.

In his third tweet President Trump to the dismay of special counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, tells us to “stop playing political games” and let’s just call them “WALLS.”

3. A WALL is a WALL!

January 23rd, Conway blasted a newly released CBS News poll that found funding the wall was less popular than funding without a wall.

She was dismayed to find that the question was asked using the word wall, as the President had said you can call it whatever you want.

In his sixth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth, tweets he tells us he is meeting in the Oval Office with China’s top negotiators to talk trade, reminds us that on March 1st, 2019 without a trade deal with China the tariffs will increase to 25 percent. According to President Trump if China isn’t willing to open their markets to our “Manufacturing, Farmers, and other U.S. businesses and industries,” there will be no deal.

6. I will be……

7. meeting with their top leaders and representatives today in the Oval Office.

8. Tariffs on China increase to 25% on March 1st, so all working hard to complete by that date!

12. Without this a deal would be unacceptable!

CNBC News reports that according to two sources President Trump and President of China Xi Jinping are discussing a potential meeting between the two in late February, which would take place after the second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong un.

The article notes that this would also be right before the March 2nd deadline setting up any announced trade deal to be made on Chinese soil, which is leaving some worried about the optics of such an announcement being made aboard.

In his tenth and thirteenth tweet President Trump explains that the Democrat party is for “late term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders, and Crime.” He then explains that Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-CA) and the Democrats “are big fans of being weak and passive with Iran,” he adds that they “have no clue as to the danger they would be inflicting on our Country.” He ends the tweet by saying, “Dems put us in a bad place – but now good!”

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