Supreme Court Will Now Take Up Citizenship Question Case

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Here we go.

According to CNN, the “Supreme Court agrees to take up 2020 census case.”

“The Supreme Court said that it would take up a case this term to decide whether the Trump administration can add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.”

In other news, in the @ theNewsBlender story Thursday, “a motion was filed on Monday by attorneys for the National Butterfly Center located in Mission, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley with the US District Court for DC asking a judge to issue a restraining order against the Trump administration.”

Courthouse News reported on Friday that Texas Butterfly Sanctuary Loses Challenge to Border Wall.

Coinciding with drastic measures by the White House to build a wall on the southern border, a federal judge threw out a court challenge by a butterfly-conservation center whose 100-acre facility on the Rio Grande in South Texas stands in the way.

“Unfortunately for the plaintiff, the Fourth Amendment offers little refuge for unenclosed land near one of the countries’ external borders,” U.S. District Judge Richard Leon wrote Thursday, dismissing the suit by the North American Butterfly Association.

Courthouse News

In light of the signed funding bill Trump signed yesterday, major kudos to Steve and Tiff for this heads up update.

None of the funds made available by this Act or
prior Acts are available for the construction of pedestrian fencing—
(1) within the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge;
(2) within the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park;
(3) within La Lomita Historical park;
(4) within the National Butterfly Center; or
(5) within or east of the Vista del Mar Ranch tract of
the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

[pg 16]

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