TNB Night Owl PSA–Don’t Mess With Bingo Grannies

We here at the News Blender are dedicated to warning our readers about dangers they may or may not know exist. If you’ve ever been to a bingo game, you learn quickly not to mess with Bingo Grannies. A recent incident in a Canadian retirement home reminded us of this.

February 5th started out like any normal day for the residents of an Ontario long-term care facility. As they prepared for a bingo game, one 79 year old woman took to a prime seat. As an occasional bingo player, I can understand how certain seats are much more desirable than others; an obstructed view or being too far to hear the number caller can make it a less-than-optimal experience. So abovesaid woman took the best seat in the house.

Unfortunately, that seat was normally occupied by an 86 year old woman. That woman was not pleased. An altercation commenced between the two. Other residents, either emotionally invested by favoritism towards one woman or another, or simply out of boredom, joined in the brawl.

The fight grew so out of control, Ontario police had to be called in.

Thankfully there were no injuries and no arrests are made. It’s not being reported whether or not the game commenced.

Question of the night–what’s your favorite gambling game?

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