Who Is “They”?

The Deep State. Image by TheStig.

Spend much time listening to politics on the radio, and you will probably be introduced to Them. Or hang out on the right websites, and you’ll probably be told all about Them. Or you might learn a lot about Them in political discussions with family, friends, and co-workers. But whatever the source, you have no doubt heard of Them by now.

No, I don’t mean Joyce Carol Oates’ famous novel offering social commentary on America’s working class. Nor do I mean the 1950s-era sci-fi thriller about the attack of giant irradiated ants, or the garage rock band from Northern Ireland.

I mean Them. They are the nameless, faceless organization of Democrats, drug lords, human traffickers, and probably devil worshipers living and operating just out of sight in the shadows of American society. They don’t care about any of the political scandals of the past several years; all They care about is using their hidden vantage point to pull the strings of everyone from politicians to bureaucrats to meteorologists in an effort to thwart the current President, subvert American traditions and institutions one by one, and replace them with a socialist utopia of Democrats, drug lords, human traffickers, and probably devil worshipers.

They are the super secret society whose Members Everywhere Dominate It All But It’s A Secret. Or MEDIA BIAS for short.

Some people know them simply as the Deep State.

If you’re wondering why your old job is now held by some low-paid worker overseas, or why gas prices can’t ever seem to make up their minds, or why you have to flip through 38 pages of instructions written in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Ancient Greek to find out how to assemble your grill, or why the fake news doesn’t report the President’s actual 97% approval rating, then look no further.  The answer is staring you in the face, right along with Google and the NSA.

You see, every little detail of your life is influenced by them, right down to how much fluoride is in your drinking water. I personally believe they have even infiltrated our own website, with that suspiciously anonymous AlienMotives fellow spending his weekends trying to convince us that they don’t exist.

But if you happen to have doubts of your own, just listen as Sean Hannity breaks down the complex level of corruption in the upper echelons of government for you in an opening monologue of his nightly program.

By the way, in case you’re curious about how a powerful force of unknown saboteurs acting from the depths of America’s government to take down no less than a sitting President can be klutzy enough to allow its plots to be discovered by a political commentator with two years of college education and broadcast every weeknight to a nationwide audience of millions of viewers, then chances are you are actually one of Them and should be ashamed of yourself.

Now, experts like Hannity and his compatriot in the struggle against tyranny Rush Limbaugh (who managed to tolerate two whole semesters of leftist indoctrination at an establishment of higher learning) are able to keep us abreast of the most blatant perpetrators of injustice against our nation, but what of the rest of them?

If, as the President retweeted back in November, ringleaders such as Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey are indeed tried for treason and imprisoned at some point, won’t there be others taking their places? Just who are the rest of these people and what do They want?

Well, let’s start with who we know they aren’t.

First, we know they aren’t all just Democrats out to get Republicans, because all of the aforementioned ringleaders of the Deep State are Republicans, while many of their known victims are Democrats. And they can’t be a gang of liberals trying to undermine conservatism because, well, as Limbaugh even acknowledges, Trump isn’t a conservative, nor are most of our other known victims of Deep State/MEDIA BIAS.

Could they be Obama holdovers trying to take down the new guy, perhaps? Nope. Rod Rosenstein is a Trump appointee, as is Christopher Wray. Robert Mueller goes all the way back to Bush 41. Known Deep State victim Michael Flynn, on the other hand, was an Obama holdover. Didn’t do him much good.

Might they be wealthy elites out to destroy America’s working class? Hardly. Donald Trump is the wealthiest US president in history. As of July 2017, Trump’s Cabinet was the wealthiest in modern history, worth about $4.3 billion in total. Most Deep State victims so far are also wealthy.

Globalists out to stop America First nationalists? Doubt it. Donald Trump operates 144 companies in 25 different countries all over the world, and his daughter Ivanka just received initial approval for 16 different Chinese patents. Known Deep State victim Paul Manafort was a Ukrainian lobbyist and (eventually) a registered foreign agent with enterprises worldwide. And I suspect the 12 Russian intelligence officials indicted as a part of Mueller’s investigation don’t consider themselves America First nationalists, either.

We know they aren’t political insiders trying to get rid of political outsiders. Trump has spent his whole life rubbing elbows with the likes of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer and George Soros. He has surrounded himself with the likes of known Deep State victims Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, who have been political consultants and strategists for prominent figures such as Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Jack Kemp, and Bob Dole dating back nearly half a century. I mean, Trump’s Transportation Secretary is Mitch McConnell’s wife. So that can’t be it.

We also know that they aren’t anti-Americans out to take down pro-Americans like Trump, either, because after all, why would anti-Americans want to draw attention to our biggest enemy interfering in our elections and politics?

And they aren’t even leftist groupthinkers trying to assimilate everyone into their hive mind. Because how can an attack on Trump, who is not a conservative, be an attack on people who are conservatives, unless conservatives themselves are also groupthinkers?  

None of those seem to fit. And unfortunately, that just about does it for all the usual suspects Fox News singles out.

So let’s see where we might look next.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12 KJV

Huh. This changes the playing field a bit. It suggests that there are bigger, darker forces in this world than merely globalists or socialists or anti-Americans. It suggests that the enemy is not simply MEDIA BIAS, but rather evil itself.

Greed, pride, hatefulness, deceit – each one of these is out to get not only our President and his associates, but each one of us as well. And if that’s true, then it means it’s our responsibility as individuals to arm ourselves with the virtue and the faith necessary to withstand them.

Considering things in this light certainly makes the list of enemies smaller. But it also leaves us with a whole new dimension of concepts, such as honest people out to stop dishonest people. And lawful people out to stop unlawful people. And people who respect the country out to stop people who don’t.

And hey, once you look at things that way, the true identity of this shady, corrupt, anti-American organization starts to become a lot more clear.

You’re welcome, Hannity.

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