Mass Casualties At NZ Mosque Shootings -UPDATED

Christchurch Mosque, photo by Schwede66

At least two gunmen are reported to have struck at separate mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The Bangladeshi cricket team was present at one of the mosques, but all members are reported to be safe.

While the cricket team survived, many locals are believed to be dead, with accurate counts not yet possible because of the active shooter situations.

Police are treating a crashed vehicle at the Hagley Park site as a potential explosive hazard, per the UK Guardian. The Herald reports the second shooting occurred at a suburb of Linwood a few miles away.

The shooting situation is active, and an update will be provided after more detailed, verified information becomes available.

UPDATE: Verification has come that three suspects are being sought by the police. One has been identified as a white Australian who uploaded live video of the start of the shooting. The shooter is reported to have recently distributed a 37 page manifesto explaining his intentions.

Six are confirmed dead, with dozens more, including small children, reported to be among the dead.

One shooter is in custody, but police are looking for others.

UPDATE, from the New Zealand Herald:

Four people have been arrested, three men and one woman. 41 are dead from the Hagley Park shootings, 7 from the Linwood mosque shootings. 48 more are reported to be injured, with wounds ranging from superficial to critical.

The reports of explosives in a vehicle were borne out; in fact, multiple vehicles contained I.E.D.s, which were defused by the police.

The New Zealand police have not officially declared a motive for the attacks.

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