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Kamal Haasan, photo by Dani Charles of Silverscreen Media, Inc.

Alec Guinness impressed many people with his performances in the movie Kind Hearts and Coronets. In it, Guinness played eight distinct roles, each one a member of a family which was being systematically murdered by a wealth-seeking distant relative. The 1949 British black comedy was well-received and eventually found its way into the Criterion Collection.

Few records stand forever.

The 2008 movie Dasavathaaram was distributed throughout the world (in the United States, by Disney) and gave its main star, Kamal Haasan, a chance to shine… in ten distinct roles.

He plays American President George W. Bush, American scientist Govind Ramasaamy and rogue CIA agent Christian Fletcher. He plays Japanese martial artist Shinghen Narahasi. He plays Indians Rangaraja Nambi, Balram Naidu, Avtar Singh, Vincent Poovaraagan, Kalifullah Khan. He even plays an old Indian woman, Krishnaveni Paati.

It’s an action-adventure movie centering around attempts to gain control of a vial of easily-transmitted bioweapon. And, because it’s Indian, it’s also got dance sequences. I know that’s a stereotype, but it’s one that makes Bollywood and its experienced choreographers rightfully proud.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite theme song?

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