Whitaker Leaves Justice Department

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker photo by The Ray Center - Character Counts!

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has left the Department of Justice, NBC News was the first to report on Monday.

According to ABC News, Kerri Kupec, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice said Whitaker’s last day was Saturday.

NBC News explains that Whitaker’s “next career move is unknown,” but according to “sources” that have spoken with, “Whitaker in recent days,” he is likely to stay in D.C., telling these friends, there are, “many opportunities here.”

Whitaker was appointed to Acting Attorney General in November after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was resigned/fired the day after the 2018 midterms.

The appointment of Whitaker came under fire, over statements he had made, prior to working as Sessions Chief of Staff, over the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation.

As the News Blender reported in February Whitaker testified before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions surrounding his appointment and whether or not he spoke with President Trump about the investigation. Whitaker told the Committee he did not talk to the President about the Russian Investigation.

Shortly after his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee as the News Blender reported The New York Times published a reported that alleged the Acting Attorney General was asked by President Trump if it would be possible to assign Geoffrey S. Berman, a United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, to oversee the legal case involving the onetime personal attorney for President Trump, Michael Cohen.

The appointment never happened as Berman had already recused himself from the case.

Whitaker left his post as Acting Attorney General on February 14th-15th, after the new Attorney General William Barr, was sworn in.

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