Debunking The Folded $20

Did you want absolute proof that 9/11 was an inside job? It’s easy to find when you know what to look for. In fact (or in conspiracy) there was a warning… or a coded direction of where to attack… put in a place where the message would be found in places throughout the world: the $20 bill.

Here’s how it’s found. Take a $20 bill and fold it in half lengthwise, so that only the top and bottom of the rear of the bill are showing. Find the centerpoint of the fold, then fold the two ends upward, forming a V with the ends behind it. The result will be two images: a side view of the Pentagon in flames on the front, and if you flip it over, the Twin Towers, burning.

Here’s an instructional video:

As the $20 bill design was finalized in 1998, the only answer, according to the conspiracists, is that someone knew ahead of time.

Not only that, but it was a sequential warning! See… it’s not just the $20!

Except the real question is… why?

Is there a better, more reasonable answer than “the large number of people involved in designing, approving the design, and engraving the money were either in on a conspiracy or duped into participating in it?”

Yes, there is.

American money, outside of the $1 bill, is designed with an image of a notable American on the front (usually a President) and an image of a building associated with them on the reverse.

The designs are such that the buildings are meant to occupy most of the rear of the bill. In order to add complexity to the image (and thus make it harder to counterfeit) items like shrubbery and clouds are added.

Folding a bill in the manner shown will present the top right and left edges of the building, rising up and down as if they were towers. As the buildings are centered on the bills, and as most large, broad buildings have flat roofs, the result is… a pair of square towers.

As far as the “Pentagon” image? That happens because, unlike the Lincoln Memorial, the White House picture is wide enough that a portion of the edges are visible over the fold.

It’s an interesting bit of paper-folding. But it’s not part of a conspiracy, it’s just the natural extension of putting flat-edged buildings on the money.

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