TheNewsBlender Endorses Trump For 2020!

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After careful consideration and analysis, we at have no choice but to concede that President Trump has been a much better President than we ever imagined he would be.

He’s had a lot of accomplishments…more in his first 2 years than anyone in the history of looking at two year periods.

He has managed to cut more spending than any President ever, or plans to, or whatever…it doesn’t really matter.

He’s really told the world who’s boss and put them all in their places. All of those “friendly” countries that were really just playing us for chumps are now getting their just dues. America first, baby! The rest of the world can suck it!

He has made friends with our biggest enemies so that they are no longer a threat. We can totally trust Putin and Rocket Man now.

He has worked really hard to try to bring our nation together. Never have I ever seen a President reach out to his opposition like Trump does. Let’s face it, folks, the man is really trying, but the Fake News media and the Democrats, and the Deep State, and the NeverTrumpers, and McCain’s ghost, and Mexico, and the Republicans in congress, and Trump’s own appointees, and Mueller and his team of rabid Democrats, and Jeff Bezos, and all of the leakers in the White House, and the Puerto Ricans, and Hillary, Obama, and let’s not forget AOC…they are all preventing Trump from being a good person.

He is the first President ever to speak plainly and clearly, and tells it like it is. He may be a little rough around the edges, but at least he honestly tells us what he’s thinking and that’s all we can ask for.

All in all, we really believe he has grown into the position of President and understands it better than anyone.

The final sticking point that we were waiting on before endorsing him was the results of the Mueller investigation. Since that is now over and President Trump has been totally and completely exonerated and vindicated, and the arrest of Hillary and Obama is imminent, we can finally rest easy in fully supporting him.

Trump 2020! If you don’t agree, it’s just because you hate him.

Ok, enough, sorry about that…I realize none of this fooled anyone here at TNB (because there are no fools here…you have proven not to be that gullible and susceptible to bullshit) and you realized what this was before you finished reading the headline…but it was still kind of fun to write.

Why does it feel like we’ve been on a perpetual Fool’s Day for three years?

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