Trump Tweets: An Analysis

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It’s Monday.

For Monday the President has tweeted so far 3, 4 times, and re-tweeted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) twice, and a clip from CSPAN of Jordan, once.

1. The Russian Hoax never happened, it was a fraud on the American people!

2. Quote from Katie Pavlich

3. Bring them to justice openly and quickly!

CBS News reports that American tourist, Kimberly Endicott, and her Uganda field guide were “taken hostage at gunpoint while on safari in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park last Tuesday.”

The kidnappers demanded a $500,000 ransom, CBS News says at least part of that money was paid according to “sources.”

On Sunday the Uganda Police Force announced both Endicott and her tour guide, Jean Paul, had been rescued and that “the two were recovered unharmed, in good health and in the safe hands of the joint security team.”

On Sunday President Trump tweeted about the rescue.

As to the Mueller Report, Nadler as the House Judiciary Committee Chairman is entitled to see the full report, the reason, his committee is charged with drawing up articles of impeachment on any President. If Nadler isn’t allowed to see all the facts, Nadler is unable to make an informed decision. This isn’t to say the Democrats would move to impeach, this is to say, they can’t decide either way without all aspects of the report presented.


Over the weekend the President seemed to have three favorite tweeting targets, the Mueller Report, the border, and of course Democrats.

He tweeted 15 times on Saturday.

Now having done the tweet thread for almost a year now, I believe I’m overly qualified to offer my insight.

It’s not that the number was high, given he had a 40 tweet Weekend, it’s that as we head into the 2020 election, which is shaping up to be just as bad as 2016, I find myself and others simply ignoring his tweets. Which was my fear when he won the election and one of the reasons, I wanted to do the Trump Tweets thread as a feature.

For example

@ 7:33 p.m. the President via tweet announces a redeployment of 750 agents to the Southern Border at the Ports of Entry.

Now here’s the issue, these tweets got little attention beyond Twitter, and not even enough to cause them to trend.

The reason, we as Americans have adapted to this new normal, a President that uses social media to press his agenda.

For perspective at the same time he’s trying to pressure the Congress as a whole to reform immigration, something neither party has been able to do for over a decade. While he is attempting to force Mexico to deny immigrates that have entered that country legally, he is also tweeting things like this.

The President of the United States has spent the last few years making us, the people apathetic to his brand of crazy in one breath the man bemoans fake news, declaring the media the enemy of the people, but turns around and pushes Fox News, either with quoting pundits, or tweeting out video clips, pushes Wall Street Journal opinion pieces, basically, if the news is good for Trump, he’ll tweet it out as fact.

Did anyone notice that whereas originally it was “fake news is the enemy of the people,” he has now stepped it up, it’s no longer fake news that’s the enemy it’s the media as a whole.

Back to the border “crisis,” in which President Trump has declared an emergency, that people praise, never mind, he in the same breath, declared the administration was doing everything right at the border to stop illegal immigrates from illegal entering our country.

On Friday he explained our country is Full, he lamented having judges at the border, he also stated that “I have to tell you Judge Flores whoever you may be, the decision was a disaster for our country.”

As BuzzFeed News reporter Adolfo Flores explains Flores was not the judge in the case, but instead was one of the plaintiffs in the 1985 case.

From that same trip, the President declared our country was full.

He went on to issue two tweets from Sunday, declaring not only is our country full, but he again threatened to close the border, and or issue tariffs.

This of course is after he announced he was giving Mexico one-year to solve American’s drug addictions.

Mexico does in fact arrest, remove, or not let in illegals to their country. Those that migrate to Mexico have visas, thus, that makes them legal when the enter Mexico. Just arriving at our port of entries, doesn’t make them illegals. Asylum seekers are not in fact illegal, they are legally seeking asylum.

As to the Mueller Report, he tweeted he wasn’t demanding to see the report even though he has the “right,” to.

How did it start? Again. He’s once again pushing a conspiracy theory, as to the oranges/origins of how the investigation started, this is not normal. It’s not normal at all, that a President who has access to almost all things national security related to be in all caps no less, trying to push a theory that we have no idea how the Russia Trump Team Collusion started. We do. If others don’t they should try Google…

Our shrugging off the tweets isn’t confined to just us voters, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was asked about recent comments President has made, such as his father was born in Germany, to Windmill noise causes cancer.

Does he have concerns about the President making false claims aka as lying, Rubio says in part, “I just get up every day and do my job, and kind of focus on things that really matter.”

As if a President that lies doesn’t really matter.

4. But that’s the way life goes!

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