Trump Tweets: The 21 Plus 1 Edition

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It has happened again, the tweets from President Trump have put me, the author, in a position to treat them different than I normally would. 

He started Thursday tweeting out his thoughts, most of which would be better to remain as just that, thoughts, but, yet, alas, Twitter in Chief is a real thing and those thoughts are now public official record. 

Since Thursday starting @ 10:17 a.m. carrying over into Friday’s tweets that started @ 6:18 a.m., President Trump has mentioned the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation ten times, the “fake news,” twice, mentioned China trade talks twice, the border once, Pearl Harbor one time by tweeting out a picture of himself and his wife, in three tweets he announced his nominees for both U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., along with his nomination for Attorney General, offered once his thoughts and prayers to the Marines involved in a mid-air collision off the coast of Japan, called his former Sectary of State “lazy,” once and re-tweeted one time.  


1. 10:17 a.m. “Presidential Harassment!” 

2. @ 12:07 p.m. “My thoughts and prayers are with the @USMC.”

The U.S. Marines via Facebook confirm that one Marine has died as result of the mid-air collision that is still currently being investigated. According to the statement the collision occurred at 2 a.m. 200 miles off of the coast of Japan, “the aircraft were conducting routine training and aerial refueling,” when the mishap took place. 

3. @ 7:27 p.m., “WON THE UNITED STATES SENATE.” 

Republicans held the Senate as the majority, picking up two seats. The Republican’s lost the majority in the House. 

4. @ 7:56 p.m. “Statement from China.”

China according to The Washington Post has demanded the release of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei Technologies CFO, as the News Blender reported on Thursday, Meng was arrested in Canada while changing planes. China’s Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said via the linked article, “The China and U.S. trade teams are now in smooth communication and good cooperation. We are full of confidence that China and the U.S. can reach an agreement within 90 days.”

5. @ 9:58 p.m. “This is not justice, this is not America. This is a political prosecution.”

Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, well known conspiracy theorist, and associate of Roger Stone, was said to be negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The talks fell apart shortly after they started because Corsi says that he did not “intentionally lie to (the) special counsel.”

6. @ 10:07 p.m. “Did the FBI follow protocol to obtain the FISA warrant? I don’t think so.”

7. Thursday 10:08 p.m. “FAKE NEWS – THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

While President Trump was composing this tweet someone was calling in a bomb threat to the Time Warner Building in New York. That building is home to CNN’s network studios among other things. As the News Blender reported late Thursday, the building was evacuated and several streets were closed @ almost midnight eastern time, CNN reported they had been given the all clear to return inside the building. 

8. Thursday @ 10:15 p.m. “WE WILL NOT LET THEM THROUGH.”


1. @ 6:18 a.m. “And bye the way…” 

2. @ 6:28 a.m. “Will Andrew Weissman’s horrible and vicious prosecutorial past be listed in the Report.”

3. @ 6:40 a.m. “Will all of the substantial & many contributions made by the 17 Angry Democrats to the Campaign of Crooked Hillary be listed in top of Report.”

4. @ 6:53 a.m. “Isn’t Rod therefore totally conflicted?”

5. @ 7:15 a.m. “Bruce Ohr (and his lovely wife Molly).”

1. Jerome Corsi has not been arrested. He has been interviewed by the Special Counsel’s Office regarding his involvement with Roger Stone and WikiLeaks. As the News Blender has reported Corsi rejected a plea deal that would cause him to admit he lied to investigators over both of those things, he denies he “intentionally lied.”  

2. In May of 2005 the Supreme Court “overturned Arthur Andersen’s conviction for shredding Enron accounting documents as that company was collapsing in one of the nation’s biggest corporate scandals,” The New York Times reported at the time, the reason for the conviction being over turned was, “the trial judge’s instructions to the jury failed to require the necessary proof that Andersen knew its actions were wrong.” 

3. According to Politico’s Power List, a look at those working/worked for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in 2008 Weissmann donated $2,300 to Barack Obama.  

4. Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein nominated by President Trump oversaw the Mueller investigation when former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself based on the DOJ’s ethic guidelines given Sessions was involved from the early stages of President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

5. Department of Justice Attorney Bruce Ohr’s wife is named Nellie. 

6. @ 8:13 a.m..

On the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Argentina President Trump and the President of China, Xi Jinping had dinner as was reported @ the News Blender the two reached a truce of sorts pausing any new tariffs as teams from both countries work on a new trade agreement. 

7. @ 8:39 a.m. “Already 87 pages done, but obviously cannot complete until we see the final Witch Hunt Report.” 

The Atlantic reported on Thursday that according to “a half-dozen current and former White House officials, the administration has no plans in place for responding to the special counsel’s findings—save for expecting a Twitter spree.” 

The article goes on to say that according to these same sources part of the reason for having no plan is President Trump is “likely to ignore anyway,” any such plan. 

President Trump’s attorney and the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani told The Atlantic if Mueller plans to subpoena the President, they are, “ready to resist that.” 

He also told the paper that “it’s been difficult in the past few months to even consider drafting response plans, or devote time to the “counter-report” he claimed they were working on this summer as he and Trump confronted Mueller’s written questions about the 2016 campaign.” 

He explained, “Answering those questions was a nightmare. It took him about three weeks to do what would normally take two days.”

8. @ 9:46 a.m. 

The link in the tweet is to the Presidential Proclamation that recognizes December 7th, as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  

the News Blender has more on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, here

9. @ 9:56 p.m. “This should never again be allowed to happen to a future President of the United States.” 

President Richard Nixon and President Bill Clinton say, “what?” 

10. @ 11:16 a.m. “I am pleased to announce that Heather Nauert, Spokeswoman for the United States Department of State, will be nominated to serve as United Nations Ambassador.”

As the News Blender reported Friday President Trump confirmed reports that State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert is the nominee to replace outgoing U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley. 

11. & 12. “William P. Barr” 

As the News Blender reported Friday President Trump confirmed reports that former George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General from 1991-1993 William Barr, will be President Trump’s nominee as the next U.S. Attorney General. 

13. Re-tweet of The White House tweeted video of President Trump speech from “Project Safe Neighborhoods National Conference,” held in Kansas.  

14. @ 3:02 p.m. “Dumb as a rock” 

Former Sectary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with CBS New’s Political Correspondent Bob Schieffer at a fundraiser for the MD Anderson Cancer Center. 
Schieffer asked Tillerson about his relationship with President Trump, why it fell apart, in part Tillerson replied, “Mr. President, I understand what you want to do, but you can’t do it that way, it violates the law, it violates the treaty.” Schieffer replies, “that’s interesting.” 

For what it’s worth

What may come on Friday…
Michael Cohen’s sentencing recommendations.
Details from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office on the nature of Paul Manafort’s broken plea agreement. 
Former FBI Director James Comey testifies to the House Committee, with a transcript of that interview likely to follow within 24 hours. 
George Papadopoulos released from jail after having served 14 days for lying to the Special Counsel’s Office and FBI investigators. 

As a reminder Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office recommended no jail time for former National Security adviser Michael Flynn, in the release of those court documents, we received a non-redacted filing along with a heavily redacted filing. It is unknown at this time what we can expect from the filings related to Manafort or Cohen. 

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