Jerome Corsi Reveals Special Counsel’s Office Draft Documents

Jerome Corsi, Author of Killing the Deep State, The Fight to Save President Trump. Image from Jerome Corsi Facebook.

Tuesday NBC News reported that “two months before WikiLeaks released emails stolen from the Clinton campaign,” conservative author and known conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi “sent an email to former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone anticipating the document dump according to draft court papers.” 

The draft court papers known as a statement of offense, had been sent to Corsi, along with a draft plea deal agreement, by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office. 

According to the draft statement of offense, Corsi told investigators, that he declined Stone’s request to contact WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange regarding the stolen DNC emails, but according to the draft statement of offense, Crosi, “did not decline the request as he stated in the interview.”

Instead Crosi contacted an individual who resided in London, England, to pass on Stone’s request, he then told Stone, that WikiLeaks possessed information that would be damaging to then-candidate Hillary Clinton and that WikiLeaks “planned to release damaging information in October 2016.” 

In August of 2016, Corsi wrote to Stone, “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be
very damaging.…”

The draft goes on to say that between January 2017 and March 2017 Corsi deleted from his computer “all email correspondence that predated October 11, 2016.”

As the News Blender reported Friday Corsi had been negotiating a plea deal with Mueller, but as NBC News reported on Monday, Corsi rejected the deal telling NBC News that Mueller wanted Corsi to admit he lied about his contact with Assange, “they want me to say I willfully lied. I did not intentionally lie to (the) special counsel.” 

Corsi told The Washington Post that he “never met Assange, I never talked to him. I’m convinced my memory is correct that I didn’t have a source that connected me to Assange. I really don’t think so.” 

Asked by NBC News how he knew the emails would be coming out in October, Corsi said, “why did I think they were coming out in October? Because I said to myself if I had these emails I’d use them as the October surprise and why did I think they would come out serially, drip by drip? Because Assange is very strategic. He understands the news cycle.”

According to NBC News while Corsi’s lawyer, David Gray declined to comment, a letter drafted by Gray addressed to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team argues that Corsi shouldn’t be charged with a crime, based on faulty memory, “He had not had the benefit of reviewing all of his emails prior to the interview and you graciously allowed him to review his emails and amend his statements — which he did. Now, after various amendments to his statements, Dr. Corsi is being asked to affirmatively state that he lied to FBI agents. The issue is that the statements that Dr. Corsi made were, in fact, the best he could recall at the time.”

Reached for comment Roger Stone said, via The Washington Post, “none of the emails cited prove I had advance notice of the source or content of either allegedly hacked or allegedly stolen emails published by WikiLeaks. When did political gossip become a criminal activity? More importantly these emails provide no evidence that I received any materials from WikiLeaks or Assange or Corsi or anyone else and passed them on to Donald Trump or the Trump campaign or anyone else.”

Authors note: In the draft statement of offense Roger Stone is “Person 1,” WikiLeaks is “Organization 1,” according to Corsi “Overseas Individual” is Ted Malloch, and “Person 2,” according to both Stone and Corsi is Randy Credico. 

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