A Roger Stone Associate Negotiating Plea Deal With Special Counsel

Jerome Corsi, Author of Killing the Deep State, The Fight to Save President Trump. Image from Jerome Corsi Facebook.

Conservative writer, known conspiracy theorist, and associate of Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, “according to a person with knowledge,” is said to be negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, The Washington Post reported Friday. 

According to the article a deal between Corsi and Mueller, “could bring Mueller’s team closer to determining whether,” President Trump, “or his advisers were linked to WikiLeaks’ release of hacked Democratic emails in 216.” 

During a webcast and several interviews Corsi has said he has spoken to “prosecutors for 40 hours,” telling viewers last week during a webcast that he expected to be indicted for lying to investigators. 

Prior to Friday’s report Corsi was scheduled to do an interview with NBC, but according to The Post, the interview on the 13th of November was cancelled by Corsi’s attorney, David Gray, who told NBC News, “he had just spoken with the special counsel’s office” and Gray advised Corsi to cancel. 

Shortly after the publication of The Washington Post article, Corsi confirmed to the AP, that he was in plea talks with Mueller’s office, “Jerome Corsi told The Associated Press he has been negotiating a potential plea but declined to comment further.” 

When reached for comment Stone in a statement via the AP said, β€œIt is clear from his recent videos and his recent interviews that my friend Dr. Corsi has been under a tremendous amount of pressure and it is beginning to affect him profoundly. He has stated publicly that he is being asked over and over to say things he simply does not believe occurred.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, which was published on the 13th of November, Corsi explained, “that a major focus of prosecutors was whether he [Corsi] had a source who told him that Wikileaks planned to release emails stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.”

As a reminder the News Blender reported last week that court documents showed that founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, “has been charged under seal,” but what charges Assange is facing are unknown. 

 The Washington Post notes that no deal has been reached between Special Counsel Mueller’s office and Corsi. 

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