Trump Tweets: An Open Thread

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It’s Friday.

President Trump has tweeted 4 times so far.

The week has been long. (the new normal)

Sunday/Monday Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned.

Monday we learned that the Secret Service Director would be leaving his post in May.

Tuesday Attorney General William Barr testified before a House Subcommittee.

Wednesday Attorney General William Barr testified before a Senate Subcommittee, made a shocking pronouncement that he believed “spying,” occurred on the Trump Campaign. Shortly afterward he attempted to clarify his statement saying he was simply concerned that “unauthorized surveillance,” may have happened, but he didn’t know that, he will “review,” but he doesn’t have a team and it’s not an investigation into the FBI.

Thursday WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in the UK and charged with attempting to obtain a password used by the Department of Defense, he was also charged with conspiracy, he will return to court May 2nd. Asked if he still loved WikiLeaks, President Trump said he didn’t know anything about WikiLeaks.

Thursday they arrested a 21 year-old in connection with church fires in Louisiana.

Thursday former White House Counsel for President Obama, Greg Craig was indicted for lying to FBI investigators. (more on this down thread)

Onward to Friday’s tweets from President Trump.

1. No matter what we do or give to the Radical Left, it will never be enough!

Nobody has seen the Mueller Report. According to the President, he hasn’t either. so.

2. This is a really big story, but the Fake News New York Times didn’t even put it on page one, rather page 16.

The New York Times.


  1. Ex-Obama WH Counsel Charged With Lying in Lobbying Probe By The Associated Press.
  2. 10 Things to Know for Today. Story seven “EX-OBAMA WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL CHARGED IN LOBBYING PROBE.” By The Associated Press.
  3. Ex-Obama Lawyer Craig Charged in Mueller Spin-Off Probe for Lying About Ukraine Work By Reuters.
  4. Ex-Obama WH Counsel Charged With Lying in Lobbying Probe. By The Associated Press. (It has the same headline as number 1. but it’s a much shorter article posted Friday morning the gist, Craig says through his attorney’s, “the prosecution against him was “unprecedented and unjustified” and that he’s confident a judge and jury would agree.”

The Washington Post.


  1. Gregory Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, expects to be charged in relation to Ukrainian work with Manafort, his lawyers say. By Rosalind Helderman and Tom Hamburger.  (Wednesday posted at 8:15 eastern.)
  2. Gregory Craig, former Obama White House counsel, charged with making false statements related to Ukraine work in latest Mueller fallout. By Rosalind Helderman and Tom Hamburger. (Thursday)
  3. Ex-Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig indicted on false statement charges stemming from foreign lobbying probe. By The Associated Press. (the news alert, a very short article, “Ex-Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig indicted on false statement charges stemming from foreign lobbying probe.”

As the News Blender reported on Thursday, Craig, a Democrat, worked for former President Obama from 2009 until 2010, when he left the White House. His indictment stems from work he failed to disclose while working for Paul Manafort in 2012 on behalf of the Ukraine Government.

As a reminder, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Micheal Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Rick Gates, all worked for President Trump, Flynn was National Security Adviser to President Trump shortly before he was arrested. All have pleaded guilty to crimes related to Mueller’s Russian Investigation.

Pro-tip if you are going to attempt whataboutism, you should seriously check your own house first. Just sayin’.

3. They should stop wasting time and money and get back to real legislating, especially on the Border!

Still nobody has seen the Mueller Report.

4. Hopefully, we will not be getting any more BAD (outrageous) court decisions!

NPR reported on Tuesday that a Federal Judge in California “blocked the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocol policy that required asylum-seekers to return to Mexico as they await court hearings in the U.S.”

Opinion: It stands to reason that part of the issue at the border is the Trump Administrations handling of legal entry aliens. It might also help if the turnover rate of employees wasn’t so damn high…

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This is an Open Thread.

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