House Passes Disaster-Relief Bill

The House has passed a $17 billion disaster-refelief package over President Donald Trump’s objections, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

The bill had “34 House Republicans,” joining House Democrats in support of the package that “would provide additional financial aid to places across the country besieged by hurricanes, wildfires and flooding since 2017.”

Prior to the vote late Thursday, President Trump called on Republicans to not support what he called “the BAD DEMOCRAT,” bill that he explained would hurt “our States, Farmers, & Border Security.”

Friday he re-tweeted his Thursday night tweet.

CNN explains that the “The key divide between Democrats, Republicans and the White House continues to center on how much aid to allocate to Puerto Rico.”

Speaking to reporters on Thursday President Trump once again makes the false claim [he lied] about how much disaster relief funding Puerto Rico has already received.

Trump: We gave Puerto Rico 91 billion dollars for the hurricane…so I think the people of Puerto Rico should really like President Trump.

FEMA explains the break down of aide by State.

  • $12 billion outlayed [money has been given to PR]
  • $20 billion obligated [spending has been identified. The money has not been delivered.]

That means for Puerto Rico $42 billion has been allocated to the U.S. territory, not $91 billion.

Worth noting reported “To get to the $91 billion figure, a senior administration official told us Trump is including the total allocation for Puerto Rico — $41 billion — plus an estimated $50 billion in future FEMA costs “over the life of the disaster,” which can stretch decades.”

According to FEMA’s breakdown, Texas as President Trump mention in the above clip, has received $7 billion, while $15 billion has been obligated, but not received.

The Hill notes that the bill passed the House 257-150 and now heads to the Republican controlled Senate, where Senators are still hashing out the details over the relief package.


President Trump just tweeted this.

I got nothing.

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