TNB Night Owl – Bacon, Kosher & Otherwise

Bacon. Photo by cyclonebill.

It took American ingenuity to make Kosher bacon.

J&D Foods is a company based out of Seattle which is known for their love of the famed food. Taking the money from a win on America’s Funniest Home Videos to start their small business, they focused on producing a seasoning which tasted like bacon. Soon after, Bacon Salt hit the market.

Bacon Salt is designed to be sprinkled on things to add the flavor of crispy pork fat. Using no actual meat products in it, the salt stores for a fairly long duration… and it is both vegan and Kosher.

They soon discovered that other people around the world love the breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) meat just as much as they do, as Bacon Salt became an international hit. They followed it up with other bacon-flavored products. More styles of Bacon Salt (such as jalapeno and cheddar), baconnaise (a bacon-flavored spread in the style of mayo), Bacon Pop (popcorn) and, of course, condoms.

Yes, condoms.

Designed to have both the appearance and taste of bacon, the specialty products found their way to stores in 2013, and have reappeared irregularly over the intervening years. They are currently out of stock, but some storefronts maintain waiting lists for their potential return.

It makes things like their bacon salt, bacon moustache wax and bacon-scented underwear seem normal… by comparison.

Question of the night : If you could choose the next “food trend” – where a flavor or dish suddenly become ubiquitous, like Mango, Bacon, Avocado, Cupcakes, Pomegranate or Ramen – what would it be?

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