Trump Hasn’t Tweeted So Far….Yet.

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Thursday.

President Trump has tweeted zero times so far.

In Other News.

CNN reports that “North Korea has launched two suspected “short-range missiles,” South Korea’s military said Thursday.”

South Korea’s Defense Military told CNN that, “The missiles had an altitude of around 50 kilometers and hit the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan, South Korea’s Defense Military told CNN. It added that it had detected that one of the projectiles was launched from Sino-ri and the other was launched from Kusong, both in the North Pyongan Province, in northwest North Korea.”

They go on to say that South Korean President Moon Jae-in told public broadcaster, KBS, “that the launch of what South Korea’s military suspects were short-range missiles might be an attempt by North Korea to “pressure” and “push forward the denuclearization dialogue in the direction they want” and to “urge for [renewed] talks soon.””

As the New York Times notes, Thursday’s “projectiles” launch follows a similar launching that happened five days ago.

The article linked above explains that according to missile experts, “One of the projectiles the North launched on Saturday appeared to be the Russian Iskander short-range ballistic missile, which can make course corrections during its flight, making it difficult to shoot down with ballistic-missile defenses.”

Following Saturday’s launch President Trump issued a statement via Twitter.

Wednesday CNN reported that the U.S., has suspended efforts to retrieve American remains from North Korea.

Spokesmen for Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Chuck Prichard told CNN, “DPRK officials have not communicated with DPAA since the Hanoi Summit,” he added, “As a result, our efforts to communicate with the Korean People’s Army regarding the possible resumption of joint recovery operations for 2019 has been suspended.”

The communication between the U.S. and North Korea to retrieve American remains came about after the first U.S./North Korea Summit in Singapore.

As CNN notes 55 cases of “presumed remains of US service member killed during 1950-1953,” have been returned to the U.S., two of those remains were identified in September of 2018.

For What It’s Worth: The second Summit between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, in Hanoi this year ended abruptly.

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